Will Jay-Z Release A New Album in 2016?

Rumors circulating Jay-Z’s new album have resurfaced this week since Jermaine Dupri, a longtime friend and fellow rapper, paid a visit to the RapRadar Podcast. JD spoke on his lasting personal and professional relationship with Jay-Z, and when asked if he was to appear on Hov’s upcoming album, replied that he knows the album’s title and believes it’s already done. Though not much else was said on the interview, we’re pretty excited that someone in the industry can attest to the existence and (hopefully) completion of Hov’s upcoming album.

Jay-Z FutureJay-Z’s fans have been patiently waiting for a new project since the 2013 release of Magna Carta, Holy Grail, but it’s easy to forget how busy the rapper/music producer/ businessman has been the past three years. Both Roc Nation Sports and TIDAL have taken off since his last record, keeping Hov’s pockets full without having to release much music. Though, Jay-Z made several guest appearances on 2016 tracks, including Pusha T’s “Drug Dealers Anonymous” and Future‘s “I Got the Keys”.

We’re not sure who will appear on Jay-Z’s rumored 2016 LP, but considering he is one of the biggest figures in the industry, we think it’s safe to expect a pretty impressive guest list. Or, we could be gifted with a collaborative album between Hov and his superstar wife Beyonce. Even though little is known or said regarding Jay-Z’s upcoming album, we think it’s safe to trust Jermaine Dupri’s intel. Anyways, it’s in fashion to surprise drop records these days. Stay tuned for new rumors circulating Jay-Z’s upcoming album, a possible 2016 tour, and more. In the mean time, check out the tell-all snippet of Jermaine Dupri’s RapRadar Podcast below:


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