Will Lady Gaga Tour in 2020?

It’s been a few years (nearly four) since Lady Gaga released a solo record. Her last, 2016’s Joanne, was a significant departure from the bombastic, synth-driven pop music of the superstar’s luxurious past. In the time since, Lady Gaga has starred and composed songs in the movie A Star Is Born and paved her residency legacy in Las Vegas with awe-inspiring performances of her shows “Enigma” and “Jazz & Piano.

Though Lady Gaga has maintained her queenly presence in our media sphere, fans have begun to wonder: Where is Lady Gaga’s Sixth Studio Album? And given her Las Vegas stewardship, when will Lady Gaga go on tour?

On Tuesday, February 25th, Lady Gaga took to social media, reigniting these questions by announcing the first single from her sixth studio album. The song, titled “Stupid Love,” is scheduled to arrive on Friday, February 28th, at midnight ET.

A leaked version of “Stupid Love” appeared just over a month ago — the existence of which Gaga appears to have humorously confirmed via Twitter —and according to its listeners, the song is reminiscent of her ARTPOP and Fame eras. We do know that producers Tchami and BloodPopthe latter of which worked with Lady Gaga on Joanneare behind “Stupid Love.”

Though not much else is known about Lady Gaga’s new single or album, we do think Mark Ronson is involved. The former Joanne collaborator posted a photo of Gaga and him to Instagram on February 10th, captioning it, “It’s stupid how much I love this pic.” Note the words included: stupid. love.



The next leg of Lady Gaga’s “Enigma” kicks off on April 30th and ends on May 16th. We think it’s possible that the album arrives shortly after that. We do know that LG6 is done and that other musicians have heard it. Such as the indie electro-pop artist Grimes, who is recorded having said “LG6 is very good. LG6 is a great record!” on video.

Since we know LG6 is arriving in 2020, fans have begun to hope for a Lady Gaga 2020 Tour. Will Lady Gaga Tour in 2020? Given she is completing her Las Vegas residency (for the time being) with plenty of the year left, we think it’s likely that Lady Gaga goes on the road in 2020.

In fact, we would put money on it.

Lady Gaga never drops an album without touring. Not only that, the nature of the album determines the way she tours. Usually, she will go on tour anywhere between five and ten months after dropping her album. Due to Lady Gaga’s famous, elaborate stage settings, choreography, design, and costume arrangements, her concert tour development takes time.


But Lady Gaga is worth the wait. From goofy surprises to tear-jerking spectacles, to the mind-bending high art conceptions, Lady Gaga is an artistic entity we are lucky to witness in this lifetime. Specifically, in 2020.

Check back with us after the release of “Stupid Love,” as Lady Gaga may seize the day for even grander announcements.

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