Even those who witnessed and supported Olivia Rodrigo through her steadfast rise through Disney shows couldn’t have predicted this moment. Olivia Rodrigo, an overnight international pop star, riding the tsunami-sized wave of her new album fame.

Sour, Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album, is now out and absolutely ravaging the charts to make Rodrigo the first in several categories. First artist in history to chart three consecutive songs in the Top 10, all from a first LP. Most simultaneous top 10 hits by a female artist on the Streaming Songs chart, surpassing Taylor Swift (one of Rodrigo’s heroes). Sour earned 1.583 million in U.S song revenue in its first week. “good 4 u” has reached 200 million streams on Spotify, her fourth song to achieve this.

What say about Olivia Rodrigo, her music, her fame? Olivia Rodrigo is for everyone. Gen Zs, like herself. Millennials, who grew out of their angst with the voice of Hayley Williams belting through our headphones. And even Gen Xs, who had Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill to help digest heartbreak. Though Rodrigo cites Lorde and Taylor Swift as her main idols and sources of inspiration, her pop persona seems to draw from decades of female legends.

Cyndi Lauper, Madonna. Ariana Grande. Billie Eilish. And now, Olivia Rodrigo. Fans, we know you loved Sour. We know you hum its songs when you hear them out in the world. The question is: When will you get to see her live, in concert?

Will Olivia Rodrigo Tour in 2021?

It’s finally becoming safe to attend concerts. Artists from every genre, and around the world, are getting back on the road to tour. Since Olivia Rodrigo’s first single “Drivers License” debuted at number one in several countries, changing her life in an instant, fans have been holding out for Olivia Rodrigo to announce live shows.

Up until this summer, it hasn’t been doable to plan major headlining tours. Now that concerts are back, being scheduled more and more, we think Olivia Rodrigo will be one of the artists hitting the road in either 2021, or 2022. At the very least, we expect Olivia Rodrigo will announce her tour this year—maybe even this month.

From unknown to unequivocal superstar, Olivia Rodrigo is 2021’s pop phenomena.

Look, we realize Olivia Rodrigo was known to some. But mainly not for singing, songwriting, being an artist. Rodrigo collaborated on Sour with songwriter and record producer Dan Nigro, but her name remains credited on every track. From unknown to unequivocal superstar, Disney machine to Interscope and Geffen Records, Olivia Rodrigo is more than the best pop artist to emerge from 2021 so far. She will be the most important pop figure to arrive this year, period.

Fans, you won’t want to miss seeing her live. What better event to vent your heartbreak, your angst, your resilience and ability to feel, than at an Olivia Rodrigo concert? You won’t want to skip Olivia Rodrigo on her first U.S tour. Just think, how upset with yourself were you to miss Billie Eilish, or Lorde, on their first tour post abrupt/immediate fame? Don’t repeat sullen history.

Go see Olivia Rodrigo when she finally announces her 2021-22 tour dates. You deserve it, fans. Stay connected with us, because when Olivia Rodrigo goes on tour, we’ll have all the details.

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