Will Taylor Swift Release a New Album in 2017?

For nearly a decade, Taylor Swift has released new albums every two years. Since 2008’s self-titled, to 2014’s 1989, T-Swift hasn’t stopped working at such a strenuous schedule, which makes sense as to why she decided to keep her word of taking some much needed time off. Though, when 2016 rolled around, plenty of fans expected Swift to surprise them with a new record. From all appearances, Taylor had the ammo to put something new out: a new haircut, a new boyfriend, a few more Grammys under her belt, etc. But once November came and went, and 2016 inched to a close, fans had no choice but to quiet down until the next word of Taylor Swift’s upcoming record would arise. And in no time at all, it did.

Taylor Swift Ed SheeranIn the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast performance that followed the release of new music from Ed Sheeran, the singer/songwriter (and longtime friend of Taylor Swift) answered a question about Swift’s upcoming album. When asked if Swift was getting ready to release some music of her own, Sheeran responded saying “I imagine so, yeah.” Though this doesn’t say much—when Swift is going to release her new album, a new single, or even if anything has been recorded yet—we think he’s right in assuming that Swift will be making a big return this year, especially since she’s coming off a very long break. And, who knows, maybe we’ll even see Swift appear on Ed Sheeran’s new album, which will definitely be out sometime soon.

Because of Taylor Swift’s incredible fame in both America and abroad, there is plenty of internet speculation as to when the pop star will be releasing her new record and what its concept will be. And, of course, plenty of the information is incorrect. But we thought we’d give you everything we’ve found, from what’s probably true, to the rumors you definitely shouldn’t bet on.

The new album will feature a member of One Direction: Probably true.

Taylor Swift collaborated with Zayn Malik to provide a song on the 50 Shades Darker soundtrack. The sultry, sexy track, titled “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” came out of nowhere but was certainly a winning formula. We wouldn’t be surprised if Zayn Malik showed up on Swift’s upcoming record, albeit the recording process for “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” went well.

Taylor Swift is including hip-hop on the record: Maybe. 

Taylor Swift Kendrick LamarWhen we first saw this online, it came off as ridiculous. Taylor Swift making a hip-hop album? Though she’s known for jumping from one genre to the next, we couldn’t imagine a switch like this. But we do think it’s possible she’s including more hip-hop than her previous records, which, in all honesty, wouldn’t be a bad move as long as she can recruit the right people behind her to pull it off, and if she can get away from cringe-worthy behavior such as approving this controversial music video. On 1989, we saw Kendrick Lamar provide a guest verse on “Bad Blood”, and when the song was remixed, the product represented a clearer turn to the hip-hop genre and ranked really well among her fans. Not to mention the sheer popularity of hip-hop right now in the industry compared to almost any other genre. If this turns out to be true, we just hope she lends an ear to those who really know what hip-hop is about.

The new album will include songs about Tom Hiddleston: Probably true.

Gotta hand it to Taylor Swift for dealing with the intrusive media and the constant speculation as to if her music is about her relationships, break-ups, feuds, etc. And though we don’t want to say that her new album will be entirely about Tom Hiddleston, we highly doubt that her most recent relationship won’t influence the album somehow. For just about any artist, the love life ends up being discussed in various ways, from a subconscious undertone, to a straight up, in your face declaration. Swift is known for tackling and mastering both kinds of expression, so we’re anticipating she’ll do the same for “TS6”.

Taylor Swift has been collaborating with Kesha: Maybe.

Three months ago, Kesha posted a photo of herself on Instagram which said that she’s working on a “F*** OFF” song with “a casual Grammy award-winning secret person”, and for whatever reason, the internet took it to mean Taylor Swift. The two have never collaborated in the past, but due to their girl power stances and party music capabilities, we think a Taylor Swift + Kesha collab could be a wonderful thing. Can you say song of Summer 2017, anyone?

And she’s also collaborating with Ariana Grande: Probably not.

Taylor SwiftThough a Taylor Swift + Ariana Grande collaboration would be awesome, considering the beef in their past, we don’t think it’s likely that the two artists would be working together without any sign of reconciliation known to the public. Some say that they are taking to Taylor’s upcoming record to surprise the pop industry by working together and figuring out their differences through music making, but the notion seems pretty idealistic.


Not much else is known regarding the arrival, title, or concept of Taylor Swift’s new album. Will Taylor Swift release a new album in 2017? We hope so. Until then, have fun reliving all of the Taylor Swift + Kanye beef here.

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