Will the Black Keys Tour in 2019?

It’s been awhile since the Black Keys dropped their album Turn Blue. But Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney haven’t been any less busy since 2014. Auerbach has been leaning into his role as record producer by launching the Easy Eye Sound record label—named after his recording studio—in addition to releasing a solo album, Waiting on a Song, back in 2017.

Carney has also produced and recorded new music with a variety of artists including Michelle Branch and Calvin Johnson. He also penned the theme song for BoJack Horseman with his late uncle Ralph Carney. Though these side projects abated us, we are stoked to see the duo has reconvened to release the first new Black Keys material in five years.

The song, titled “Lo/Hi”, finds Auerbach and Carney in their classic, blues-rock fashion. Auerbach moaning over the distorted riffs and Carney driving the song with his gritty drums, and later, the peak of a blistering guitar solo. “Lo/Hi” was written and produced entirely by Auerbach and Carney, which is evident in its cohesive, seminal sound.

Check out the audio, below.

Now that the Black Keys have returned with a new song, fans have begun to wonder: Are the Black Keys getting ready to drop a new album? And Will the Black Keys Tour in 2019?

To add to the speculation, the Black Keys were amongst the incredible list of performers scheduled to headline Woodstock 50, an upcoming festival celebrating the original’s five-decade anniversary. Dead & Company, Jay Z, and Chance the Rapper are also capping the festival.

Though the Black Keys haven’t appeared on any other festival announcements, this announcement has us wondering if the duo is gearing up to tour in 2019. In the mean time, we can all rest assured that the dust between the Black Keys and Jack White has settled, as evidenced by this excited gram White shared about “Lo/Hi”. Could the dust be settled enough to warrant a joint tour between the iconic rock acts? Fingers crossed.



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More evidence that Nashville rock n roll is alive and well. Congrats on the new music, @theblackkeys!

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