Will The Hold Steady Release A New Album in 2018?

It’s been four years since The Hold Steady released their last album, Teeth Dreams. And even though it wasn’t lauded as their best record, namely because of longtime keyboardist Franz Nicolay’s absence, fans have been antsy for a new record. Back in November, ahead of their annual Brooklyn Bowl Residency, The Hold Steady dropped two new tracks, “Entitlement Crew” and “A Snake in the Shower“. The arrival of these new songs had fans wondering: Will The Hold Steady release a new album in 2018?

Just two days ago, ahead of The Hold Steady’s stretch of dates in London, the band released “Eureka” and “Esther“, in the same fashion as “Entitlement Crew” and “A Snake in the Shower”. In a message to their fans, The Hold Steady affirmed “Eureka”/”Esther” was recorded in the same sessions as their earlier releases, leading us to believe there could be more material coming from that Brooklyn studio. Take a listen to “Eureka” and “Esther” below, and purchase them via Bandcamp. Frenchkiss Records will release the tracks wide on March 12th.

“Entitlement Crew”/ “A Snake in the Shower” were the first tracks with Franz Nicolay since his departure in 2010, and from the sounds of “Eureka”/ “Esther”, the beloved keyboardist continues to be in The Hold Steady line up. We think this bodes well for the future of The Hold Steady, as it celebrates the band’s best configuration. Now that Franz Nicolay seems to be recording with The Hold Steady with semi-frequency, we think the band could be headed back in a familiar, but incredible, direction.

Last March, The Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn dropped his third solo LP in five years, We All Want the Same ThingsMany Craig Finn fans considered this his best release yet, leading us to believe that he and other members are in great form to release a new Hold Steady album in 2018. But in an interview last year with UproxxCraig Finn addressed The Hold Steady’s lack of productivity in the past few years, chalking it up to life’s demands and just not being able to get every band member on board to record or tour for long stretches of time.

Craig Finn

“I guess I’d like to do more, but at the same time, we’re all older. I think that us getting in a van and driving around for six weeks and playing Kansas City on a Monday night is probably not the best place for us to be. But putting two or three shows up in a great American city, and playing them, and trying to make them special is really cool. That’s what I hope we’ll do more of,” Finn said.

Even though it seems like The Hold Steady has permanently moved on from their heavy touring schedule, we are hopeful they will find some time to connect in Brooklyn to record more songs, especially after this year of incredible song releases.


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