Will The Weeknd Tour in 2020?

Back in August, Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, alerted fans via social media that he was back in “album mode.” Then, nothing, besides his on-and-off-again drama with longtime girlfriend Bella Hadid.

Though, as the drama continued, we couldn’t help but wonder if The Weeknd would take his personal life and turn it into his dark, signature seductive sound for album no. 4.

Finally, just last week, The Weeknd dropped two new singles: “Blinding Lights” and “Heartless.” Thematically, these singles share a common ground. Both find The Weeknd in amped escapism and drug-induced avoidance. Instead of prying through his various methods of self-destruction, The Weeknd is more concerned with living his tortured life on the world’s edgesall while giving us delicious heart-thumping singles, of course.

Check out “Blinding Lights” and “Heartless,” below.




The Weeknd’s last full album and tour was behind 2016’s Starboy. The “Starboy: Legends of the Fall” Tour was huge, totaling to 95 concerts over five different continents. The tour began February 2017, just two months after the release of Starboy, and ran for almost a full calendar year, concluding in December 2017 in Australia.

Though My Dear Melancholy didn’t spur a world tour, The Weeknd did perform a few concerts in Asiaa truncated promotion for the 7-song EP. Fans in the states haven’t seen him since November 2017, when he finished the North American leg of “Starboy: Legend of the Fall.”

But with the release of two singles last week, both of which herald back to the pop-R&B vibes of Beauty Behind the Madness and Starboy, we are feeling optimistic about both a full album and promotional tour.


So, Will The Weeknd Tour in 2020? We think it’s very likely. And in terms of The Weeknd’s new albumrumored to be titled Chapter Sixwe are hoping for vintage, brooding, synth-driven and harmony lush The Weeknd. Rumor has it we could be looking at features from SZA, Travis Scott, and Lana Del Rey.

Who are you hoping to see on The Weeknd’s forthcoming album Chapter Six? Let us know in the comments!

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