Will the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Release New Music in 2018?

First crashing into our lives in 2003—in the wake of the Strokes’ popularity and the garage rock revival—the art-punk trio Yeah Yeah Yeahs created a fanbase instantaneously, or at least that’s how it seemed after they dropped their debut, Fever to Tell. There was nothing like them before, and nothing since. Which makes it difficult for Yeah Yeah Yeahs fans, who haven’t seen a new LP since 2013’s Mosquito. 

Last year, lead singer Karen O and co. began touring, but only for a limited time. This gave us hope that the band had something new in the works to show audiences. But even though the Yeah Yeah Yeahs never have and continue not to disappoint in their live show, the set lists were comprised wholly of old music, fan favorites and alternative covers and their blitzing singles.

Now, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs continue to tour, but not often, so any chance to see them is worth it. The band will be appearing at Philly’s Goose Island 215 Block Party on September 8th with Joey Purp and Twin Peaks. Their only other upcoming date is day two of California’s Ohana Festival (the same day as Eddie Vedder, Liz Phair, Johnny Marr, and more) later in September.

After seeing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs appear on a few bills for Summer music festivals, someone finally asked the eclectic and oft-honest Karen O for a band update. Matt Wilkinson from Beats 1 managed to get Karen O to say the words we’ve been wanting to hear regarding new Yeah Yeah Yeahs music: the band is getting back to the drawing board.

When asked if the band was ‘feeling the pull’ to work on a new album, Karen O replied: “Yeah, think so! The guys for the most part, I think they’re waiting on my just ‘getting struck by inspiration’ for it, y’know?”

She continued: “A lot has changed in my life in the last 5 years and I’m just kinda waiting for the inspiration to hit me – and then we’ll go.”

Since 2013’s Mosquito, Karen O has been busy working on her solo material. Her 2014 album Crush Songs was critically recognized not only by fans and music reviewers, but the Academy as well, who nominated “Moon Song” for Best Original Song (and who could forget that starry-eyed duet performed at the ceremony, with Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig?).

In addition to exciting fans with a confirmation that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are far from done making new music, Karen O revealed that she will be releasing new solo material early next year. “It’s like a collab with a producer so, yeah. It’s finished, we’re just kinda developing [it], like preproduction with the way we’re gonna roll it out,” she said. “[I’ll probably play] some special gigs you know but probably not a world tour!”

There you have it: the Yeah Yeah Yeahs will likely be working on new music in 2018, but we’d be surprised if there are any new singles, as Karen O has yet to receive the much needed inspiration for a new LP. But new Karen O solo material in 2019? With a handful of gigs? We are, no doubt, here for it.


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