Where are the best seats for a WWE event? It all depends on who you ask, but there are some universally accepted seats that will not disappoint. We will go into great details on those locations in our detailed WWE Seating Charts below, which cover multiple layouts at different venues, including Wrestlemania. You will also find WWE tour dates and where you can find the same WWE seats at prices 10% cheaper than our leading competitor.

WWE Interactive Seating Chart

This is the standard layout for any WWE event, although the stage can be located off-center for certain venues. The interactive WWE Seating Chart above is for Madison Square Garden. The light blue sections are considered the best followed by yellow, dark blue, purple, and red, which are considered the lowest quality sections. You can check out some other WWE seating chart layouts later in the post. 

The lettered and numbered sections shown above (except for sections 1-3 and 7-9) are considered Ringside seating, and are among the best seats in the house for WWE. That being said, some fans prefer to sit in section 106-108 or 116-118 because it provides them more elevation to see all the action. This is where the debate comes in for where the best seats are for WWE. The easiest way to help you make the best decision for you on WWE seating is to break this down with a Pro’s and Con’s list.

Ringside Seating for WWE

Pros – These sections put you as close to action and wrestlers as possible, making for an incredible up close and personal experience. Opportunity to sit alongside the runway that brings the wrestlers on-stage.

Cons – Sitting farther back than row 10 can make it difficult to see the action because the seats on the floor are not elevated. Sitting this far back on the floor isn’t recommended if your bringing kids or if you are on the shorter side (unless the event is at a football stadium/arena).

Lower Level Seating for WWE

Pros – The elevation of the seats makes for the perfect viewing angle, especially if you are centered with the ring.

Cons – Not nearly as close to the action, the signs the fans bring in the stands may end up blocking some of your view.

At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference. In most cases, the cost of sitting Ringside vs one of the centrally located lower tiered sections are fairly comparable. In our opinion if you have never sat Ringside before it is worth experiencing at least once!

Upper Level Seating for WWE

Pros – Most affordable tickets in the building. Sitting the first few rows may be preferable over sitting in the last row in a lower level section.

Cons – Farthest away from the ring and sections in the corners leave you watching the action on the monitors.

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