Baseball season is upon us, and with the increasing temperatures and demand for baseball comes an appetite for Yankee Stadium food that indulges New York Yankees fans who are willing to stick it out for up to four hours at their favorite team’s stadium.

Read below in order to find the best food at Yankee Stadium. In the meantime, if you’re looking for general seating information on the stadium, be sure to check out our informative New York Yankees Seating Chart Blog.

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Best Food at Yankee Stadium

If you’re one of those people who’s willing to forgo an inning (or three) of game action in order to wait in line for legitimately good food – that is, food that would hold up with restaurants not within the friendly confines of Yankee Stadium – head to Lobel’s (located behind Sections 134 & 321) for their amazing steak sandwich, which is loaded with succulent sliced steak and topped with their homemade gravy that makes it a rich and delicious excuse to have a seat for the next 2-3 hours. Their meatloaf burger with crispy onions and cheddar cheese is nothing to sneeze at, as well.


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Another Yankee Stadium food honorable mention is the Caramelized Onion French Dip Sandwich (rotisserie-roasted shaved prime rib, caramelized onions, melted Swiss cheese on a seeded semolina roll, dipped in French onion soup) from the Masterpass Batter’s Eye Deck right in the 200 level in center field (pictured below).


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Yankee Stadium Favorites

To start things off, we’ll highlight some of the fan favorites for Yankee fans who have the luxury of attending multiple games each season, but still hit up the same reliable spots for ballpark fare that’s become synonymous with the stadium.

Garlic Cheese Fries from concessions stands behind Sections 108, 206, and 331 are among the fan favorites for food at Yankee Stadium that fans will see others enjoying all around them during any given game. The price point is just right, and there’s easily enough to share with friends.

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Hot Dogs, Crinkle Cut Fries, etc. from Coney Island’s own Nathan’s Famous, located within the Pepsi Food Court (Sections 125-127) as well as behind Sections 225 and 313 are traditional ballpark fare done just right.

You’ll be able to secure your peanuts and Cracker Jacks via your section’s friendly shouting vendors.

Upscale Food Options at Yankee Stadium

While the Yankees have plenty of the staple foods covered, this is the center of the culinary universe (if not a few miles north of it), and therefore the organization that’s known for epitomizing class offers fans the opportunity to enjoy a nice medium rare cut of beef, among other things.

The Flatiron Steak with Fries in the stand behind Section 105 is one of the more expensive food options afforded to fans not sitting within a Legends or VIP section at Yankee Stadium (think upwards of $25+), but if you’re willing to splurge a little, we’re willing to vouch for it as being well worth the wait.


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Sushi can be found across from Section 127b within the Pepsi Food Court, which is not what most baseball fans would expect to find at the ballpark (at least not within parks in landlocked markets), but is still a light and relatively healthy option nonetheless.

The Most Unique Food at Yankee Stadium

The Traditional Chinese Bao – located at the Toyota Terrace adjacent to the right field bleachers – are delicious steamed buns with four difference choices (2 per order) of fillings, including Hoisin Braised Pork Belly, Rotisserie Prime Rib of Beef, Charbroiled Chicken, and a Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower for vegetarians.


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The Best Pizza at Yankee Stadium

While we’d advise going south to Patsy’s in Harlem before or after the game if you really want pizza, if you’re really dying for that garlic sauce, there are Papa John’s locations within the Pepsi Food Court, Sections 212, 309, and the bleachers.

The Best Dessert at Yankee Stadium

Whether you’re bringing the kids along, or just have a sweet tooth yourself, there are Ben & Jerry stands located behind Sections 125 and 318, and Good Humor locations are scattered throughout the stadium in Sections 112, 126, 207, 232, 313, 319, 324, and the bleachers.

If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, check out the Grand Slam Milkshakes served within a large souvenir cup and located within the Pepsi Food Court behind Section 125.


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The Best Bang for Your Buck(et) at Yankee Stadium

The Yankee Stadium Chicken Bucket from various locations within the stadium is filled with (you guessed it) chicken fingers and a copious amount of french fries for about $20, which is a relative steal for an item that can easily feed 2-3 people.


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An honorable mention goes to the Yankee Dingers from Frank’s Red Hot Terrance, which is adjacent to the left field bleachers. Three decent-sized and very solid quality cheeseburger sliders with carmelized onions, pickles, and mustard on a steamed potato bun will run you about $11, which is a steal in this climate.


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Dietary Restrictions & Kosher Food Options at Yankee Stadium

If you’re looking for vegetarian options at Yankee Stadium, there are vegetarian and vegan items near Section 132 at NYC-based burger joint Bareburger like their vegan sausage, turkey burgers, and vegan black bean burgers, and there are fruit and vegetables available at Melissa’s Farmers Market behind Section 121B.

Kosher food options at Yankee Stadium are located in Sections 110, 214A, 229, and 321. Gluten-free options are located all throughout Yankee Stadium, as well. We’d recommend the Brontosaurus Rib and chicken wings at New York BBQ favorite Mighty Quinn’s, located behind Section 133. For a larger array of gluten-free options, hit up the Gluten Free NY Grill in the Great Hall near Gate 6.


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Where to Drink at Yankee Stadium

If you’re looking for Craft Beers, hit up the stands near Sections 110, 217, and 320. While there’s no shortage of beer stands on each level and near any section imaginable, we would recommend enjoying your drinks on either one of the two standing area terraces (Frank’s Red Hot Terrace or the Toyota Terrace) next to the bleachers in left or right field, or the Batter’s Eye Deck above in center field.

Can I Bring Food or Drinks into Yankee Stadium?

Per Yankee Stadium policy, fans are allowed to bring food into the stadium for “individual consumption” and may bring clear, sealed plastic bottles of water 1 liter or smaller, in addition to sealed small, single-serve soft-sided beverage containers such as milk cartons or juice boxes. No cans, glass or aluminum bottles, or thermoses are permitted in the stadium.

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