Your 2019 WE Fest Survival Guide

We’ve talked tickets, lineups, hotels, and camping. But what do the organizers and frequent festivalgoers know that can make your three nights at WE Fest run even smoother? Here’s a list of survival tips as well as a packing guide to help you survive WE Fest 2019 while having the best time possible!

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While you’ll find packing lists for music and camping festivals all over the Internet, WE Fest is slightly different than others. People go all out on the camping here, whether they’re sleeping in an RV or tents (which aren’t separated from each other like at most festivals, btw). Decorations, drinking games, lawn chairs, and full bars are set up by festivalgoers all across six huge campsites. Due to its rural location in lake-filled Minnesota, most people choose to camp rather than stay at hotels. That might be the reason lots more “stuff” is allowed at WE Fest than at other festivals. You can make your campsite truly a comfortable haven for you and your friends. Well, as comfortable as camping can get anyway…

A Few Things You Might Forget To Bring…

No, we haven’t created a definitive festival packing list in this post. Obviously, you’ll also want to bring multiple outfits (festy fashion is one of the best parts!), multiple pairs of shoes, bugspray, a towel, bedding, food, alcohol, chairs, table, ice, cooler, tent, decorations (flags!), and all the other personal necessities and campground gear you need, among other things. But we decided to highlight a few things you might forget. See the WE Fest List of allowed items for a few more hints at things to pack.

A source of shade. Your tent is going to turn into a greenhouse once that August sun comes up, so you won’t be hanging out in there. Bring a canopy of some sort to create a place to relax in the shade.

Plenty of sunscreen. Again, it’s hot and (usually) sunny the weekend of WE Fest. Stay safe out there! You don’t want to leave hungover and sunburnt.

Hat and Sunglasses. For the aforementioned reasons.

Water Bottle. You might be drinking a bunch of adult beverages, but remember to stay hydrated! Bring a refillable water bottle and take advantage of the water fill stations at WE Fest (see the map for locations). You’re also allowed to bring an empty water bottle, sealed water bottle, or Camelbak into the festival grounds! Take advantage of that.

Cash. For merch and other supplies for sale at the festival.

Your ID and Tickets. You’re welcome.

Food that doesn’t need grilling. Yes, everybody loves to barbecue and you can (and totally should) bring a grill, but you don’t want to take the time to fire it up every time you’re hungry. Bring snacks, chips, and sandwich supplies for when you want a quick bite! Bonus points if it’s something that doesn’t need to stay cool, as it’ll take up crucial cooler space. And remember to eat!

Comfortable clothes (and shoes). Sure, you’ll want to pull out your best jorts and cowboy boots for this festival, but we can almost guarantee you will NOT want to wear that stuff for three days straight. Pack comfortable shoes and flowy clothes (think breathable skirts, dresses, shorts, and tops to avoid chafing). These things will help you survive in the heat as you walk to and from the festival grounds each day and night. With all the sponsored tents and things going on in the campgrounds, you’ll want to do some exploring, and that often means a lot of walking and sweating. Repeat after us: No NEW boots!

Rain gear. Bring a poncho or rain jacket. The weather gods have typically smiled upon WE Fest, but ya know, just in case!

Portable charger. Because there won’t be an electrical outlet on the wall of your tent.

Toilet paper. Be prepared!

What Can’t I Bring?

WE Fest allows you to bring in more than the average festival to ensure your camping experience is spectacular, but be sure to check out their full list of allowed and prohibited items before you pack! A few things that are a no-go include glass containers or bottles, sledge hammers, fireworks, golf carts, kegs, guns, or anything illegal (obviously). Oh, and you can’t bring your pets either! Again, we haven’t spelled out the full list here, so be sure to visit WE Fest’s site.

Fun fact: You can’t bring in your own firewood, but they will have firewood for sale on site. You’ll need to bring in your own fire ring or fire pit!

General Festival Advice

It’s a music festival, so we get that there will be a lot of boozing going on. But the headliners don’t come on until 10:45 PM, so be sure to pace yourself! Take breaks, drink water, eat regular meals, and nap if you need to. There’s no shame in it. Always watch your drink, take it with you everywhere, and be aware of who’s serving you – particularly if it’s just a random stranger in the campgrounds. Play drinking games with your friends and have fun, but know your limits. It’s easy to get over-excited, and all that alcohol and sun can wear you out.

Stick with groups late at night walking back to the campgrounds – it’s easy to get muddled about where you are, particularly when you’ve been drinking and it’s dark. Decide on a meeting point with your friends at the start of the festival – and be specific about it! Agree that you’ll meet up there if one of you gets lost. Definitely download the official WE Fest App which has a “Track My Tent” feature to help you get home each night!

Don’t carry a ton of cash and don’t bring in your most expensive valuables or irreplaceable jewelry. This is common sense stuff, folks!

You’ve got three days of festival fun ahead of you. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t forget to sleep!

Be sure to read the WE Fest Safety Guidelines before you go. There are some helpful tips in there about safety resources as well as lists of things you can and can’t take into the festival grounds.

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