Valentine’s Day in NYC 2014 – Your Comprehensive Guide

In case you were knocked unconscious for the past few weeks, let me remind you that a certain flowery love holiday is rapidly approaching. That’s right, guys! Next Friday is VALENTINE’S DAY! Aren’t you excited?!

Just so we’re clear, my last statement can be read with or without sarcasm, as lovers and haters of the romantic occasion seem to be a pretty balanced headcount and I feel impartial. Whether you love it or hate it, everyone will either remember or be reminded of what day it is next Friday. We thought we’d give you a comprehensive guide to the Hallmark holiday, so that even the haters can at the very least take advantage of a sweet event or two. Check out our ideas below.

Skrillex at undisclosed location

This event is probably for the less romantic types, but hey, what do I know about romance? Romance or no, it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Seriously, do not go if you are prone to fainting or heart problems. Skrillex will be performing all next week, but the Friday show will be at a secret Brooklyn Warehouse. As I said in my post about Skrillex earlier this week, the location is still a mystery, but as RPM presents is hosting, it will probably be an event you won’t want to miss.

Macy Gray at Iridium

This event will be amazing, as the soul music star (more than 14 million albums sold) will sing with a full jazz band at what has been called the best jazz club in the city by New York Magazine. Jazz icon David Murray has written a new repertory for this show that includes famous soul hits from Gray, and offers to them new sharp and bright arrangements. He also offers to Macy some brand new original compositions completed with insightful lyrics by Ishmael Reed. The event is definitely for the jazz lover, and for those of you looking for a sophisticated night of great talent.

Elle Varner at S.O.B.’s

If you have never been to S.O.B.’s, let me tell you that it is a perfect venue for Valentine’s Day. Elle Varner, whose debut album hit number four on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart last year, will be playing to SoHo locale for the opportunity to connect with her fans on a personal level due to its unique, intimate setting. You’ll also have to option to be wined and dined while entertained. You really can’t lose with this show as a gift.

Kings of Leon at Madison Square Garden

This event is great for American rock fans, and doesn’t necessarily need to even be a Valentine’s Day purchase! Not that it wouldn’t make an awesome V-Day gift to someone special…just throwing it out there.

NYC Ballet

While I know some of you probably envision going to the ballet as a two hour nap that you pay for, I know there are others that envision going to the ballet as an awe-inspiring experience. For some of you guys with gals who would enjoy this, let me just say that spending the night doing whatever she wants is probably the most thoughtful gift you could give. She’ll be happy, trust me.

Once – The Musical

Sometimes, it’s nice to relive a bit of the magic of New York City in its quintessential form.  You know, the way you saw New York when you were young, or before you became a New Yorker, or whatever the case is for you. You know, when you still had your innocence. Broadway shows are the perfect way to relive that magic. Guys, getting your girl to feel like a little girl again for a night is an amazing present. I would personally suggest Once. Again, trust me. You won’t regret it.

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