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Candlestick Park Seating Chart & Ticket Info

Welcome to TickPick's detailed Candlestick Park seating chart page. We have everything you need to know about Candlestick Park from detailed row and seat numbers, to where the best seats are. Have a question about seat obstructions, concert configurations, venue parking or anything else relating to Candlestick Park? Ask below in the comments!

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Candlestick Seating Chart Seat Numbers The seat numbers at Candlestick Park are consistent through out the entire stadium. For every section seat number 1 will always be closer to the adjacent section with the a lower section number. For example seat number 1 in lower reserve (LR) 16 or lower box (lb) 16 will be next to section LR 14 or LB 14. While seat 27 in LB 16 and seat 25 in LR 16 is next to section 18.
Candlestick Park Seating Chart Row Numbers Hover over the detailed seating chart and you will see the number of rows for each section. The lower section is split into the "Lower Box" and the "Lower Reserve". The lower box is closer to the field and starts with row A and goes to row Z. The lower reserve which is behind the lower box starts with row 1 and typically has 20 rows. The upper section is split into the "Upper Box" (UB) and the "Upper Reserve" (UR) with the Upper Box closer to the field. The UB starts with row A and typically goes to row H, while the upper reserve starts with row 1 and typically goes to row 23.
San Francisco 49ers Bench The San Francisco 49ers are on the side of the football field in front of Section 12 to 44, while the visitors are in front of sections 25 to 35.
Candlestick Park Seating - Lower and Upper Sections The Upper Box sections at Candlestick Park have 15 to 18 seats per a row. The lower rows typically have 15 seats while the higher rows have 18 seats. The lower rows in the Upper Reserve sections will have 12 to 15 seats per a row. The higher rows in the UR will have up to 25 seats, but the average row has 18 or 19 seats. The seat numbers of the Lower sections are very inconsistent. So although the seating chart is not drawn to exact scale, it is indicative of the number of seats in a row, for example the first row (A) of LB12 only has 12 seats but row Z has 21 seats, and row 19 of LR12 has 24 seats. Also, for example, the bigger sections, L 14 to L 22 have 25 to 27 seats per a row.
Best Seats at Candlestick Park Although the best seats for the San Francisco 49ers football games are subjective, anything in between the 30 yard lines are considered good seats. For the best view it is ideal to be in the 10th row (row J) to the 26th row, row Z in the Lower Box (sections 10 to 20), or rows 10 to 26 in the Lower End (LE 27 to LE 37).
Candlestick Seating Chart - Lower End Sections Every Lower End (LE) section in Candlestick Park from LE25 to LE41 has 48 rows starting with row 1 and ending with row 48. The Lower End sections follow a simple pattern, starting at LE27 each row has 18 seats while the next section, LE 29 has 22 seats. Every other section changes from 18 seats to 22 seats, so LE31 has 18 seats, LE33 has 22 seats, LE35 has 18 seats, LE37 has 22 seats and LE39 has 18 seats per a row. Also, as described above, seat number 1 will always be closer to the section next to it with a lower section number.
Candlestick Park Ticket Policy Sellers must disclose all information that is listed on their tickets. For example, obstructed view seats at Candlestick Park would be listed for the buyer to consider (or review) prior to purchase. These notes include information regarding if the Candlestick Park seat view is a limited view, side view, obstructed view or anything else pertinent.

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