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Upcoming at Cellairis Amphitheatre at Lakewood
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Pit Tickets at Lakewood Amphitheatre

The Pit at the Lakewood Amphitheater is right in front of the stage and is standing room only. Many fans love the atmosphere of the Pit since ticket holders are free to move around and thus the earlier you show up for the event the closer you can be to the stage and performers. However if you do not want to stand for the entire performance we do not advise purchasing tickets in the Pit. When browsing tickets in the Pit you may see different numbers next to the GA, such as GA3. That is just how the tickets are marked by the venue, so it is important to keep in mind that GA1 is no better or worse than GA2, GA3, or any other GA numbered listing.

History and Overview

Aaron's Amphitheatre is an indoor/outdoor concert venue located about 4 miles south of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The venue opened in 1989 and has a capacity oof f 19,000 - 7,000 standards seats and a lawn area that can hold up to 12,000 people. Many artists have noted that Aaron's Amphitheater has the highest quality acoustics of any roofed amphitheatre.

Lawn Seating at Lakewood Amphitheatre

Lawn seating at the Lakewood amphitheatre is the most affordable way to see a concert. There is no assigned seating on the lawn (just like the pit) so your location will be determined by your time of arrival to the venue. The earlier you arrive the closer you can be to the standard seats. Rental chairs are available for purchase if you don't want to sit on the grass, although for some performances fans will be standing for the majority of the event. It is also worth noting that the lawn seats are not covered, so you will be exposed if it rains.

VIP or Premium Seating at Lakewood Amphitheatre

The VIP and box seating at the Lakewood Amphitheatre provides incredible views of the stage, located just above the 100 level sections. These areas are climate controlled, which can come in handy on those hot Atlanta summer nights. Ticket holders also have access to in seat wait service, VIP entrance to the event to avoid the lines, and VIP club access which has upscale food and drink to offer. Finally, many of the tickets come with a VIP parking pass, which will help you avoid the parking lot traffic before and after the event.

Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood Seat Numbers

The seat numbers at the Lakewood Amphitheatre follow a standard pattern where seat number 1 will always be on the right side of a section when facing the stage. So for example seat 1 in sections 101 and 201 will be on the far right side of the section, and the highest seat numbers in those sections will be closest to the sections 102 and 202 respectively. So when you are purchasing tickets at Aaron's Aphitheatre, seat number 1 in the sections on the left side of the venue (103, 207) are more desirable, as they will be closer to the center of the stage.

Cellairis Amphitheatre at Lakewood Ticket Policy

Sellers must disclose all information that is listed on their tickets. For example, obstructed view seats at Cellairis Amphitheatre at Lakewood would be listed for the buyer to consider (or review) prior to purchase. These notes include information regarding if the Cellairis Amphitheatre at Lakewood seat view is a limited view, side view, obstructed view or anything else pertinent.

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