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Eminem Info

Eminem began as an underdog, performing at open mic rap battles in his home state of Michigan. And now, Eminem rolls with the best, having formed a lifelong friendship with fellow rapper and mentor Dr. Dre, in addition to working with famed producers such as Rick Ross, not to mention touring with the best contemporary acts of in the industry, namely, Rihanna. Eminem solidified his persona by not abiding to political correctness and instead putting on shows that are authentic to his voice and ideas. Eminem will go down as exactly who he's lived up to be: A Rap God.

Where will Eminem be playing?

Eminem is not currently touring.

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Finding the Right Seats for a Eminem Concert

If you're a die hard Eminem fan who's looking to get as close to the stage as possible, your best bet is to find tickets on the general admission floor section, depending on the venue's seating configuration, or within the pit section at an amphitheater. If you'd prefer a bit more breathing room but still want to be closer to the performer, you may want to look at seats within the first 10 or so rows in the first level. If you're seeking a vantage point with a little more breathing room, great seats would be located within the mid-to-back end of the lower level, within the first five or so rows in the upper level, or if you're at an outdoor amphitheater, general admission lawn seats allow you to create some distance from other fans and catch the show from afar.

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