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Buying NBA Tickets - How, When, Where

The NBA's popularity has exploded in recent years, with superstars like Lebron James and Steph Curry making the league more marketable than ever and increasing its exposure on a global level. This has led to incredibly lucrative television and player contracts, which can trickle down and affect ticket prices for your favorite NBA team. Don't pay those ridiculous service fees on tickets that all other major ticket marketplaces charge and be sure to check out TickPick for the cheapest, no-fee NBA tickets to catch your favorite team in action!

1) How to Buy No-Fee NBA Tickets

NBA basketball tickets can be expensive. The easiest and best way to cut costs is by finding the ticket site that charges the lowest amount of service fees. So when you're looking to buy NBA basketball tickets there are plenty of options to from which you can choose, such as StubHub, NBA.com, Ticketmaster, and others. TickPick offers is a great selection of tickets to your favorite NBA basketball team without any service fees or convenience charges. This lets us guarantee that ticket prices will be the cheapest among any ticket marketplace, and our tickets are 10% cheaper than our major competitor for the same seats. On TickPick, we show all-in prices, so the price you see is the price you pay. However, almost every other site will try to deceive you and either hide fees by rolling them into the price, or tacking them on right at the end of the checkout process. So if you're going to compare basketball ticket prices on competing sites with those same seats you can find on TickPick, make sure that you compare prices once at the final checkout page.

2) When to Buy NBA Tickets

Generally, NBA ticket prices decrease gradually as game day approaches and 72 hours before the game, tickets may have decreased in price by roughly 30%. In the last 24 hours before tipoff, ticket prices can decrease by an additional 5% on average. Therefore, we believe the best time to buy cheap NBA tickets is three-to-seven days prior to game day. This is because NBA tickets are almost at their lowest prices, yet there's still a large amount of ticket inventory from which you can choose.

3) The Opponent Matters

If you're working with a budget and trying to decide which NBA basketball game to attend, you should consider cutting costs on your NBA tickets by seeking a team that isn't quite so star-studded. This may seem obvious, but choosing to go to a game when Lebron James is in town can increase NBA tickets prices by 50% to 100% compared to other less competitive opposing teams. So the more flexible your schedule is, the greater your savings will likely be.

4) Discount NBA Tickets

In some rare cases, an NBA basketball team may offer some sort of discount promotion on game tickets. However, it's quite rare, as most venues are small (roughly 18,000 capacity) and teams are hesitant to publicly disount their product. Here at TickPick, on top of offering basketball tickets with no additional service fees on top of the sellers' listed price, we also offer new customers a $10 discount off their first NBA ticket purchase. Just sign up here and $10 will automatically be added to your account to be applied towards your first order.

5) Buying NBA Tickets Last Minute

As technology continues to evolve, fans' ability to buy basketball tickets last minute has been made much easier. Now many venues allow fans to enter the stadium by utilizing mobile ticket entry, and you can buy always last-minute basketball tickets on TickPick. Tickets are actually available all the way through tip-off, and sometimes even into the first half.

6) Bid On NBA Tickets

If you're looking at NBA ticket prices and you think they are just too expensive, you have another option. TickPick is the only ticket marketplace to offer a bidding platform that allows fans to name their price. Most consumers don't realize that NBA ticket prices are changing constantly. For example, let's say you're looking at NBA playoff tickets and the cheapest price is $500. If you use Tickpick's bidding platform you can set a bid for $300 on specific seats that you're interested in. If a seller lowers their prices to meet your $300 bid price, you'd get those tickets at that great deal. Find out more on how to bid on NBA tickets here.

7) Where Should I Sit for an NBA game?

We've gone into great detail on how to get cheap basketball tickets, but where should you try to sit for an NBA game? The best seats are always going to be in the lower level closest to midcourt, but these seats will also have the highest ticket prices. If you want sit in the lower level on a budget, we would advise looking into tickets in the corners of the court. They provide good value and offer better views of the action than sitting on the baseline behind the basket. When searching for tickets in the upper levels of these venues, the row location is more important than it is in the lower level. This is because the difference in rows are felt more in the upper level than in the lower level. For example, we would rather sit in rows 1-5 in a corner section in the upper level than in row 20 in an upper level section near mid court. When in doubt, you can trust the TickPick Score Report to help guide you to the best value.

8) Authentic and Guaranteed Basketball Tickets

It's very important to be able ot trust the source from where you buy your NBA basketball tickets. If you're looking at NBA tickets on a site that isn't reputable and doesn't have any money-back guarantees for buyers and the ticket price seems to good to be true, that's because it probably is. Getting cheap NBA tickets is important, but it's even more important to ensure that those cheap tickets are valid for entry. TickPick has a 100% BuyerTrust Guarantee that ensures buyers that all tickets are authentic and will get you into the game without issue.
Here at TickPick we pride ourselves on our product, ticket prices, and customer support. If you need help buying NBA basketball tickets, please submit a request here, we'd love to help!
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