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Winner of the 2012 Tony Awards for Best Score and Best Choreography, NEWSIES combines explosive music, high-energy dance and an inspiring New York success story to create a musical you don't want to miss.

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Nov 25Sat 2:00 PM
Nov 25Sat 4:30 PM
Nov 25Sat 7:00 PM
Nov 25Sat 8:00 PM
Nov 26Sun 1:00 PM
Nov 26Sun 2:00 PM
Nov 26Sun 5:00 PM
Nov 26Sun 7:00 PM
Nov 29Wed 1:00 PM
Nov 29Wed 7:30 PM
Nov 29Wed 8:00 PM
Nov 30Thu 7:30 PM
Nov 30Thu 8:00 PM
Dec 01Fri 7:30 PM
Dec 01Fri 8:00 PM
Dec 02Sat 2:00 PM
Dec 02Sat 4:30 PM
Dec 02Sat 7:00 PM
Dec 02Sat 8:00 PM
Dec 03Sun 1:00 PM
Dec 03Sun 2:00 PM
Dec 03Sun 5:00 PM
Dec 06Wed 1:00 PM
Dec 06Wed 7:30 PM
Dec 07Thu 1:00 PM
Dec 07Thu 7:30 PM
Dec 07Thu 8:00 PM
Dec 08Fri 7:30 PM
Dec 08Fri 8:00 PM
Dec 09Sat 2:00 PM
Dec 09Sat 4:30 PM
Dec 09Sat 7:30 PM
Dec 09Sat 8:00 PM
Dec 10Sun 1:00 PM
Dec 10Sun 2:00 PM
Dec 10Sun 5:00 PM
Dec 13Wed 1:00 PM
Dec 13Wed 7:30 PM
Dec 14Thu 1:00 PM
Dec 14Thu 7:30 PM
Dec 14Thu 8:00 PM
Dec 15Fri 7:30 PM
Dec 15Fri 8:00 PM
Dec 16Sat 4:30 PM
Dec 16Sat 7:30 PM
Dec 16Sat 8:00 PM
Dec 17Sun 1:00 PM
Dec 17Sun 2:00 PM
Dec 17Sun 5:00 PM
Dec 19Tue 1:00 PM
Dec 20Wed 1:00 PM
Dec 20Wed 7:00 PM
Dec 20Wed 7:30 PM
Dec 21Thu 1:00 PM
Dec 21Thu 7:00 PM
Dec 21Thu 7:30 PM
Dec 22Fri 7:00 PM
Dec 22Fri 7:30 PM
Dec 23Sat 1:00 PM
Dec 23Sat 2:00 PM
Dec 23Sat 7:00 PM
Dec 23Sat 7:30 PM
Dec 24Sun 12:00 PM
Dec 27Wed 1:00 PM
Dec 27Wed 7:00 PM
Dec 27Wed 7:30 PM
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Dec 28Thu 7:00 PM
Dec 28Thu 7:30 PM
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Dec 29Fri 7:00 PM
Dec 29Fri 7:30 PM
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Dec 30Sat 1:00 PM
Dec 30Sat 7:00 PM
Dec 30Sat 7:30 PM
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Dec 31Sun 2:00 PM
Dec 31Sun 2:00 PM
Dec 31Sun 8:00 PM
Jul 24Tue 7:30 PM
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Jul 25Wed 7:30 PM
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Jul 26Thu 7:30 PM
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Jul 27Fri 7:30 PM
Jul 28Sat 2:00 PM
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Jul 28Sat 7:30 PM
Jul 29Sun 2:00 PM
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Jul 29Sun 7:30 PM
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Five Things You’ll Be Glad Newsies the Musical Changed From the Movie In fifth grade, on a particularly slow day at school, our teacher showed us an entertaining movie on the Newsboys Strike of 1899. This movie was Newsies, and from then on, that movie became a part of my life. I knew Christian Bale as a song and dance man before I knew him as Batman (and you can imagine how this influenced my Dark Knight experience). When I heard that they were transforming Newsies into a musical, I was ecstatic but worried. I Read More →
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