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How to Save on NHL Hockey Tickets

The National Hockey League has seen the league's popularity increase rapidly all across the United States in recent years, prompting franchise expansion in new markets such as Las Vegas and Seattle that probably wouldn't have been considered during previous eras. With the sport's popularity growing, attendance and ticket sales are up, making NHL hockey tickets hard to come by - and that's where TickPick comes in. TickPick is the only major ticket marketplace that charges NO SERVICE FEES, making it your go-to source for NHL tickets at the guaranteed best prices you can find on any ticket site. Be sure to check us out to save money on your hockey tickets this season!

1) Avoid Paying Service Fees on NHL Tickets

If you're looking to buy the best or cheapest NHL tickets, there's plenty of different ticket sites to choose from (NHL.com, StubHub, Ticketmaster, etc.). But the one thing all of these ticket sites have in common is that they all charge service fees, whether hidden by being rolled into the price or tacked on at checkout. However, TickPick is the only major ticket site that has NO service fees on our cheap NHL tickets.
Because there's never any service fees on TickPick, our hockey tickets are 10% cheaper than our major competitor's for the same seats. On TickPick, we show all-in prices, so the price you see is the price you pay. Almost all other ticket sites will try to deceive buyers by hiding their fees until checkout. So if you're going to compare hockey ticket prices, make sure that you compare the prices of other sites when you're at their checkout page when they show the actual price.

2) When to Buy NHL Tickets

When NHL tickets first go on sale, ticket prices on NHL ticket exchanges can increase by a lot as season ticket holders list their tickets for resale. But ticket prices may also decrease as the season approaches. Roughly four-to-six weeks prior to the season starting is a great time to buy NHL tickets, as this is when the hype is generally at a lower point.
During the hockey season, ticket prices for the best NHL teams and the worst NHL teams can vary greatly. 75% of the time on average, NHL ticket prices will decrease as game day approaches. Unfortunately, that means 25% of the time, prices are going to remain the same or even increase. As one would expect, the best teams' average ticket prices have a higher likelihood of increasing, while the worst teams' already cheap ticket prices will usually go down as the game date approaches. Therefore, we believe the best time to buy cheap NHL hockey tickets is two-to-seven days prior to the game. This is because historically, hockey tickets are near their lowest prices, yet there's still plenty of ticket inventory from which fans can choose.
When the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Eastern Conference Finals, Western Conference finals, and Stanley Cup Final approach, that's when hockey ticket prices will be at their absolute highest of the season, but hype tends to be at the peak when the matchups first become known and teams clinch their spots, so buying immediately after your NHL team secures a spot in those rounds isn't the best time, and we recommend waiting a day or a few days to let prices settle in a bit before you make your purchase.

3) Where Should I Sit for an NHL Game?

As many NHL fans will tell you, the best seats for an NHL game can depend on personal preference. Conventional wisdom says that the best seats are closest to center ice, but some fans prefer sitting behind the goal where their favorite team shoots twice. If you cannot sit in row one in the lower level right on the ice, you may be better off sitting up a bit within the first level on the ice, since you'll want to have a clear view over the glass.
Many hockey fans prefer watching the game from the first few rows in the mid and upper levels so they can see the plays unfold. If you aren't sure where you'd like to sit, we recommend taking advantage of TickPick's Score Report, which will point out which tickets are the best deal. The cheapest seats for an NHL hockey game are usually in the upper level behind the goal that the home team defends twice.

4) How to Get Discounts on NHL Tickets

NHL hockey tickets are rarely if ever discounted by the teams themselves. Hockey teams are very reluctant to sell tickets at a discounted price, as they don't want to devalue the appeal of their product by offering sales on ticket prices. Other sites like TicketsNow and the NHL Ticket Exchange do sometimes offer discounts, however, it's typically 10% off their prices that already include 25% in fees, which is still up to 15% more than what you'd pay on TickPick, where there are absolutely no service fees on hockey tickets. You can take advantage of TickPick's $10 off discount for new customers on top of our already cheap prices on hockey tickets and our BestPrice Guarantee ensures that hockey fans will find the cheapest NHL tickets of any ticket site.

5) How to Name Your Price On NHL Hockey Tickets

If you're looking at hockey game ticket prices and they're too expensive for your budget, you still have another option. TickPick has created a unique bidding platform that allows fans to name their ticket price. Most consumers don't realize how much hockey ticket prices can fluctuate.
For example, let's say you're looking at NHL playoff tickets and the cheapest price is $300. If you use TickPick's bidding platform, you can place a bid for $250 on ticket listings that are either located within specific sections that you select or at a certain quality of seat in which you're interested. If a seller lowers the price of their ticket listing, TickPick's system checks in to see if the seller's asking price drops to your bid price. If it does, our bidding platform ensures that you'd be the one to get that great deal on tickets for preseason, regular season, or even NHL Stanley Cup Playoff tickets.

6) How to Get Authentic NHL Hockey Tickets

Seeing what fans and users of ticket sites have to say is very important. With a customer satisfaction rating of 4.7 out of 5.0, TickPick has the highest ratings of any ticket site. Here at TickPick, we pride ourselves on our product, our prices, and our customer support. If you have any questions about NHL tickets or hockey seating charts, please submit a request here.
Here at TickPick we pride ourselves on our product, our prices and our customer support. If you have any questions about NHL tickets or hockey seating charts, please submit a request here.