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Sleep Train Arena

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Welcome to TickPick's detailed Sleep Train Arena seating chart page. We have everything you need to know about Sleep Train Arena from detailed row and seat numbers, to where the best seats are. Have a question about seat obstructions, concert configurations, venue parking or anything else relating to Sleep Train Arena? Ask below in the comments!

Sleep Train Arena
Where to Sit for ConcertsFor concerts avoid sections 210 - 219. Besides that, the majority of seats in the arena are great. Most concerts are end-stage, so try to grab some floor seats in F1, F2, F3, or F4. F2 and F3 are the best seats in Sleep Train because they're the center floor seats.Sleep Train Arena InformationSleep Train Arena (formerly Power Balance Arena) is home to the NBA's Sacramento Kings, but also hosts concerts and events. Relatively small, it holds about 18,000 people at a given time. Most stadiums have 3 or even 4 levels, Sleep Train, on the other hand only has the 100's (floor level) and 200's (Upper Deck) with a handful of boxes in between which are labeled A thru Z and AA thru DD. That being said, no seat is a bad one.The Best SeatsFor the best viewing experience at a Kings Game look for seats in sections 107, 108, 109, 110, 119, 120, 121, or 122. If you're working on a little bit more of a budget try 207, 208, 209, 210, 219, 220, 221, or 222. These are all side court seats, and good seats for the Sleep Train are cheapier in price than most other NBA tickets. Sleep Train Arena Seat NumbersSeat number 1 in any given section is always closest to the adjacent section with the lower number. For example, seat number 1 in section 107 is located next to seat number 20 in section 106 an seat number 1 in section 106 is next to section 105. Rows typically have 20 seats each, but as you near closer to the action, particularly in the Arena's corners, some rows have as few as 5 seats.
Sleep Train Arena Ticket Policy Sellers must disclose all information that is listed on their tickets. For example, obstructed view seats at Sleep Train Arena would be listed for the buyer to consider (or review) prior to purchase. These notes include information regarding if the Sleep Train Arena seat view is a limited view, side view, obstructed view or anything else pertinent

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