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Tips for Buying Cheap XFL Football Tickets

1) Don't Pay Service Fees

Here on TickPick, the price you see is the price you pay at checkout. Unlike every other XFL ticket exchange or ticket marketplace, TickPick shows all-in prices. And not only do we show all-in prices, but we also have no service fees on our football tickets. What this means for you is that you'll save roughly 10% on all XFL tickets over buying them on other sites that charge service fees on top of the listed ticket price.
How do we do it? Simple, we only charge sellers a modest 15% commission to the seller, whereas most other ticket sites charge sellers 15% in addition to hidden buyer fees of 15%. So if you're ever comparing XFL ticket prices, make sure to pay attention at the final checkout page, which is where other sites tack on their additional service fees. TickPick was founded back in 2011, and the cost to create and run an online business is cheaper than it's ever been, which has made it easier than ever to accomplish our mission: to create a more efficient and transparent ticket industry; and in simpler terms, to make it super easy to buy the best and most affordable XFL tickets.

2) Best Time to Buy XFL Tickets

Trying to time the market to make sure you buy XFL tickets at the cheapest price can be extremely difficult, but there are a couple things one can do to minimize costs.
When the XFL schedule is announced, we'll typically see prices at their highest they'll be. You can try to jump the gun and buy them immediately, but we find that waiting is the best option. Around 1-2 months in advance of the season, the number of available tickets from which to choose peaks, and prices will typically normalize, so if you're making big plans to take the family or clients to a game, this is a great time to buy XFL tickets.
If you do wait until after the season kicks off and your team is playing well, you can certainly expect prices to increase and vice versa if the team is struggling. In general, roughly 75% of XFL tickets decrease in price as you get closer to game day. 1-2 weeks in advance of the game will still show ample ticket inventory for the game. It's possible that the longer you wait, the more likely you'll be able to get XFL tickets at a more moderate price, but we recommend buying tickets at least 1-4 days in advance of the game.

3) Where you Should Sit at an XFL Game

Most XFL fans know that the best seats in the house are the ones closest to the 50-yard line. Those seats will also be the most expensive, so when you're browsing XFL tickets, be sure to take advantage of TickPick's Score Report, which will show you where the best deals are. Typically, the most inexpensive seats for any XFL game are in the corners and end zones, regardless of what level of the stadium. If you're looking for tickets in the upper levels for those XFL stadiums that open up the upper levels, try to sit in as low of a row as possible within your budget. The difference in rows will be felt more in the upper level than it would in the lower level.

4) Discount XFL Tickets

The idea of discounted XFL football tickets doesn't really exist. Unlike most sports, the majority of football games sell out and the teams have no reason to sell tickets at a discount. However, ticket sites like TickPick do run promotions to get new users, and we guarantee that in conjunction with our No Fee tickets and our $10 off discount (for new customers), we offer the cheapest XFL tickets on the web. Sign up here to get your discount tickets.

5) Bid On XFL Tickets

If you're looking at football ticket prices and they're too expensive for your budget, TickPick's bidding platform is the perfect product for you. Most people don't really realize this, but ticket prices are constantly changing. Let's say that you're looking at tickets for a game where the cheapest price is $100. By using TickPick's bidding platform, you can set a bid for $75 on specific seats that you're interested in. Then, if a seller lowers their prices to $75, you'd be the first person to get that great deal. You can find out more on how to bid on XFL tickets here.

6) Last Minute XFL Tickets

Buying last minute XFL tickets is now easier than ever, especially when using TickPick's mobile app. All XFL stadiums now allow fans to enter the venue with mobile entry as mobile tickets have become the norm in recent years. In theory, this means you can buy tickets right outside the stadium and than show your phone to get in. Although this is possible, we do recommend trying to buy your tickets a little in advance to avoid any potential issues like poor cell service. The number of available tickets to choose from also significantly decreases as the event approaches.

7) Trust and Authentic XFL Football Tickets

This goes without saying, but it's obviously important to trust the source of your tickets. If you're looking at tickets on craigslist and it seems to good to be true, that's because it is too good to be true. Although buying XFL tickets on the cheap is important, it's even more important to get authentic tickets. TickPick has a 100% BuyerTrust Guarantee, and ensures every ticket is authentic.
Here at TickPick we pride ourselves on our product, on our prices and our customer support. If you need help buying XFL football tickets, please reach out to us at 845-538-4567 or submit a request here.'
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