#5onthewall | What does #5onthewall mean?

Just over twenty minutes ago, at 3:00pm EST on March 3rd, 2015 (5:23am, March 4th, 2015 local Tokyo time, where the 5SOS members are currently located), the above message appeared in a tweet from the official 5 Seconds of Summer twitter handle. Within minutes, the 5 Seconds of Summer family exploded with conspiracy theories.

From the downright incorrect:

To the just way too true:

To the actually kind of smart:

Why did no one else think to check the website’s terms of use?


This was just posted by 5SOS:

Could the new music mean that they are putting out a new album on the website? It would be a gutsy move, but from Drake to Beyonce, we’ve seen more and more artists over the past year or so release their albums unexpectedly.


5sos.com has changed from fuzzy photos to a countdown, which repeats on a loop, and some amazing members of the 5SOS family have cleaned up the fuzzy images that were displaying on the site previously:

And here’s the complete vid that was only up for a couple of minutes before it was taken down again:

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