As America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys have the most widespread and loyal following of any fan base in the entire NFL. Because of this, tickets to Cowboys home games at AT&T Stadium are among the most expensive of any NFL team. This speaks to both their die-hard fans, as well as the fact that their home stadium is on any opposing fan’s bucket list, meaning that you’ll often see plenty of fans of other teams in their spacious stadium.

We at TickPick are always looking to help fans save money on tickets to any event by being the only marketplace that charges absolutely no service fees, and Dallas Cowboys single game tickets are no exception. Read below for 5 important tips on how to save money on the cheapest Dallas Cowboys tickets in 2020.

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Before we get into the tips, take a look at the graphic below that shows the average prices for each Dallas Cowboys home game from the 2019 season.

How to Get the Cheapest Dallas Cowboys Tickets in 2020

1. Buy your tickets close to game time

One of the oldest tricks in the book for seasoned Cowboys fans is to simply wait it out. While this method isn’t foolproof (ticket prices can increase as it gets closer to a game, usually when unforeseen circumstances arise, such as the game’s stakes being higher than fans anticipated, a beloved player announcing retirement ahead of a game, etc.), it’s been proven to be one of the best ways for fans to save money. Sellers will often drop their prices as the game day draws near out of desperation, so they can avoid eating the ticket cost and not selling them at all.

AT&T Stadium, or “Jerry World” to which it’s often referred by Dallas fans, has a maximum standing room capacity of 105,000, making it one of the largest venues in the country. As there’s certainly more tickets out there than there are for smaller stadiums or events, high amounts of inventory being available prior to a game can only help the buyer, as sellers have more competition and feel pressured to lower their prices in order to get their tickets to sell.

2. Plan for a non-divisional (non-rivalry) Game

As any Cowboys fan can tell you, they get more amped up for games against their biggest NFC East rivals such as their matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles or conference rivals like the Seattle Seahawks. Fans begin doing their research as soon as the NFL schedule is announced in April and begin circling their calendars well ahead of the season to plan out what game(s) they know they’ll want to attend.

To be candid, short of displaced Ohioans in Texas, most fans aren’t making big plans months ahead of the season in anticipation of their matchup with the Cleveland Brows, so that’s a game for cost-conscious fans to look into in order to save on their Dallas Cowboys tickets.

3. Shoot for a Game That Isn’t Too Early or Too Late Into The Season

There’s often a sweet spot for when fans can get Dallas Cowboys tickets at a reasonable price, and that time is toward the middle of the season. Home openers are always among the most expensive for any NFL team, and this is due to the fact that regardless of how competitive a team should be heading into a season, fans of even the NFL’s worst teams and perennial doormats have a shred of hope early on that this could be the year. Not to mention, fans who haven’t had meaningful NFL football in their lives for seven months finally get to scratch that itch.

Additionally, if you’re looking to save on tickets, you may want to avoid the team’s last game of the season for a few reasons. One is that due to NFL scheduling quirks, all teams will play a divisional rival in their last game of the season, making it one of the aforementioned expensive divisional games if it’s a home game in Week 17. Another is that if the team is competitive and vying for a playoff berth or playing to ensure a high seed in the playoffs, the heightened importance of the contest will surely increase demand and therefore the price of Cowboys tickets.

One potential caveat to the tip above is that if a team experiences a poor season, Week 17 won’t mean much to most fans and tickets could actually be in less demand than normal games, causing prices to be lower.

4. Try to Avoid Prime time Games

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but most games that the NFL deems worthy of having occur during prime time for a national TV audience such as Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, or Sunday Night Football are ones against teams that are expected to be good, rivalry games, or those that fall under both categories.

If you shoot for a game that takes place early on a Sunday against a team that isn’t very good, this can help you save money on tickets.

5. Buy Party Pass Tickets

One unique type of ticket that the Dallas Cowboys offer for their home games are general admission, standing room only (SRO) tickets called “Party Passes.” These tickets grant you access to SRO access in reserved areas just above the 300 level in both end zones are AT&T Stadium. Given the layout, these areas fill up very quickly, and many fans line up outside of the gates to ensure that they’re able to rush directly to these party zones as soon as they can in order to carve out a nice spot from where they can view the game.

These will almost always be the cheapest way to get into AT&T Stadium and are often times 50% cheaper or more than the cheapest actual seat in the nosebleeds of the massive stadium. Fans with Party Passes are free to walk around the venue and enjoy access to all of the concessions and other general areas that are available to those with a regular ticket. You should plan on standing up for the entirety of the game in order to watch, but many fans find that more palatable than paying upwards of $100 or more for seats that can actually offer a worse view that the Party Pass areas.

View the graphic below to see where you can sort to and purchase Party Pass East and Party Pass West tickets (bottom right and left) for the cheapest ticket to a Cowboys game on TickPick. Note again that the Party Pass East is located above the 300 sections in each end zone, and below the 400s sections.

Additional info: If you’re a Cowboys fan who finds themselves outside of the market and are looking to see your team play in, say, Metlife Stadium against the New York Giants or U.S. Bank Stadium against the Minnesota Vikings, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be paying top dollar for this particular game compared to any of that team’s home games this season. The Cowboys have a fan base that travels very well, and as such, they usually play in what is whatever stadium they’re playing in’s most expensive game of the season.

How To Get Cheaper Dallas Cowboys Tickets

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