7 Christmas Gift Ideas That All Teenage Girls Want

Thinking about Christmas gift ideas for teenage girls can be intimidating, however, if you subdue your desire to get teenage girls what you want to get them, and instead focus on what they want, it will actually be easy.

In a recent survey we found that 85% of teenage girls said concert tickets would be a great Christmas gift. So how come so few teen girls receive tickets to see their favorite bands for Christmas…? Price of course! However, TickPick is a ticket marketplace which saves fans 10-15% by charging no service fees.

Here’s a tip, don’t feel obligated to buy numerous gifts, instead concentrate your money into one great gift, it will be much more memorable (and appreciated) verse 12 cheap gifts.


The Best Christmas Gifts for Teenage Girls (13, 14, 15, 16, 17)

The Good news about the following concert list is that all of these shows are appropriate for girls above the age of 13. More on that later…


1. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

It’s up to you to know your teenage daughters music tastes, but there’s no star hotter than Taylor Swift right now.

Cost: $59-$99

60 Upcoming Concerts in the US & Canada.

Taylor Swift tickets and tour dates.


2. One Direction

One Direction

There’s a good chance the teenage girl you are looking to buy a Christmas gift for has already seen One Direction, or believe it or not, is over them. With that said they still are the most popular boy band of 2014.

Cost: $59-$99

29 Upcoming Concerts in the US & Canada.

One Direction tickets and tour dates.


Teenage Girl Christmas Gift Idea Tips: The idea of trying to choose your daughters favorite artist may be challenging. We have the perfect solution for that… Gift Cards for concert tickets.

3. 5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer

5SOS is the latest to join the Boy Band craze. They toured with One Direction last year and many teenage girls want tickets to see 5 seconds of Summer play this 2015 summer in their first major headline tour. Plus, unlike some of the other more well known pop stars, these tickets are very reasonable in price.

Cost: $37-$59

37 Upcoming Concerts in the US & Canada.

5 Seconds of Summer tickets and tour dates.


4. Maroon 5

Maroon 5

If you are looking for a concert that the whole family may enjoy, this may be your best bet, you can buy ticket all together, or if your teenage daughter is in the rebellious stage, you can buy two tickets for her and a friend and tickets for whoever else may join.

Cost: $50-$89

32 Upcoming Concerts in the US & Canada.

Maroon 5 tickets and tour dates.

Tips for Creative Teenage Girl Christmas Gifts: When looking to buy concert tickets as a gift, if you are the parents, you may want to reach out to the parents of your daughter’s friends and see if you can coordinate. Could you imagine the excitement of your teenage daughter, when you give her tickets to her favorite artist and tell her she’s going with [fill in best friend’s name here].


5. Sam Smith

Sam Smith

Sam Smith is the hottest new guy on the scene. The problem with this concert is, it’s not just the teen girls who like Sam Smith, but college girls all the way up to the moms. We say this may be an issue because it makes the ticket prices a little bit more expensive.

Cost: $90-$119

18 Upcoming Concerts in the US & Canada.

Sam Smith tickets and tour dates.


Additional Gift Ideas for Girls: When looking for concerts and events there’s no reason why a girl may not like the same music as mom, for more inspiration, check out these great gift ideas for mom. If you are dad, who know’s you might just find the perfect gift for your daughter and wife. Or if you need gift ideas for men here’s additional inspiration.


6. Ariana Grande

Ariana GrandeWhy do teenage girls love Ariana Grande so much? We can’t answer that, but we can tell you, we’ve already had a lot of other parents buy these concert tickets as Christmas gifts for their teenage girls.

Cost: $49-$109

31 Upcoming Concerts

Ariana Grande tickets and tour dates.


7. Jingle Ball

 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

If you look at the Jingle Ball lineup you’ll understand why ever teenage girl wants to go to this concert, however there are two problems. It’s taking place now, so you’ll need to act fast and it’s likely the most expensive concert of the year.

Cost: $109-$229

10 Upcoming Concerts in the US & Canada.

Jingle Ball tickets and tour dates.



Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls 18+

This next category of Christmas gift ideas is really for college girls and up; for most of these music festivals you have to be at least 18. As you can imagine, when looking at music festival prices, they are very expensive, that’s because you are packing in 3-4 days of music into one ticket.

The following Music Festivals are the most desired in the US.

  1. Lollapalooza – 1-3 Day Music Extravaganza in Chicago – $149+



If you like the idea of concerts as a Christmas gift but haven’t found any cheap concert tickets, then check this out for more ideas.


TickPick Gift Cards

Finding a good and unique Christmas gift for teenage girls isn’t easy, but we hope this guide helped you think about some new ideas. With that said, sometimes buying gifts and or tickets can be challenging. Know that if you need help buying tickets, or if you buy a TickPick gift card, that the recipient can speak to Ticket Agents to help them decide on which event they should attend, as well as which tickets they should buy.

Have questions? Check out our FAQ or email or give us a call (845-538-4567). We’d love to help you figure out the best holiday gift for your loved ones.

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On Behalf of TickPick, Happy Holidays!

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