A Review of Disenchanted the New Off Broadway Musical

Have you ever wondered what happened to your favorite story book princesses after their supposed “happily ever after”? Well, Disenchanted, a new musical comedy brought to you by writer and composer Dennis T. Giacino and director Fiely Matias, addresses this question exactly. This production introduces the honest voices of “disenchanted” princesses, taking us through their journey as they attempt to take back the power. And now, after touring the country and dazzling audiences everywhere, Disenchanted is making its way to New York City for its Off-Broadway debut.

Dennis Giacino has put his wit, cleverness, and fast-paced humor into every song of Disenchanted in order to give the princesses the strong and empowered voices they deserve. The pop meets Broadway tunes are sung beautifully by world class musical theater actresses. Not only are the songs packed with funny lines, but with a powerful message as well. Giacino uses catchy and contagious songs to create a show that is primarily about self-acceptance, battling the message little girls are given by society in terms of who they ought to be. Rather than perpetuating the dainty, boy-crazy ideal of femininity, Giacino turns to the real voices of women to give life to his show. So what does Disenchanted aim to do? Basically, Giacino wants to tell us that princesses are people too by using the talents of six strong cast members to do so. The official cast is as follows: Alison Burns as The Little Mermaid, Lulu Picart as Hua Mulan, Becky Gulsvig as Cinderella, Michelle Knight as Snow White, Jen Bechter as Sleeping Beauty, and Soara-Joye Ross as The Princess Who Kissed The Frog.

See a sneak preview of Disenchanted the New Musical:

Don’t be mistaken, Disenchanted is far more than a spoof on your story book princesses. Giacino has said himself that the show isn’t directed towards the famous books that we all know, but rather, it’s a more mature view on princesshood; it’s the adult voice looking back on the fairy tale tropes surrounding women. But aside from the underlying message of Disenchanted, the show is outright hilarious. Picture “The Carol Burnett Show”, with a lot of great singers. What you get with Giacino’s creation is 90 minutes of punchlines to the old story of these women’s lives narrated by someone we are very familiar with. And it’s truly incredible.

So, if you want to see a show about real women being real characters, then Disenchanted is the clever, electric, and powerfully charged show for you. Up until now, we haven’t seen what happens when story book princesses grow out of the fairy tale, and Disenchanted gives us the humorous and captivating result. Previews for Disenchanted begin Wednesday November 26th at the Theatre at St. Clements, with opening night set for Thursday, December 4th.

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