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Arthur Ashe Stadium Seating Chart

Arthur Ashe US Open Seating Chart 2016

Best Place to Sit in Arthur Ashe Stadium

Best Seats at Arthur Ashe: As opposed to most sporting events, avid tennis fans prefer seats in the first couple rows along the baseline, or in the corners. This is because it’s tough to follow the ball from the center court, while in the corners and end sections one doesn’t need to move their head to follow the ball. Thus most experienced tennis spectators consider sections 60-67, sections 1-9, and sections 26-45the best sections in Arthur Ashe Stadium.

TickPick Tip: When thinking about which tickets you want to buy, think about what your favorite vantage point is when you are watching tennis on TV. The view you like on TV is the seat view you are trying to replicate to get the best courtside seats for the US Open.


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Arthur Ashe 3d Seating Chart with Rows and Seat Numbers

Hover over sections to see Arthur Ashe row details

When looking for US Open Seats, whether you are looking for the best seats in the Promenade, Loge or Courtside Sections, the row and seat number are important. Click on the detailed US Open Seating Chart below to see a larger image.

Arthur Ashe US Open Seating Chart

Where Should I Sit for the US Open?

Courtside Seats

Almost every row in the courtside boxes has two rows for each labeled row number (see detailed Arthur Ashe Stadium seating above). For example Row AA in section 54 is split into two rows: row one being seats 1-4 & row 2 seats 5-8. Therefore when buying courtside seats you need to be cautious of which seat numbers you are buying. Seats sharing the same Box Number and Row Letter may actually be in 2 consecutive rows. For example you may buy four seats, seat numbers 3-6 in Row A. This would mean that two people would be in one row, and two other people in another row. Before buying your US Open tickets, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for help.

TickPick Tip: Courtside Sections 10-11, 14-25 and 28-29 go from Rows A-H while Courtside sections 48-49, 52-63 and 66-67 go from Row AA, followed by Rows A-H.

Loge Seating Chart Info

The Arthur Ashe Stadium seating chart went through a minor, but meaningful change in 2014. Previously the Loge Box seats only had 3 seats next to each other, which created massive problems. The changes to the US Open seating chat now make it so that virtually every row has 12 seats per a row.

TickPick Tip: Loge Seating goes from Rows A-G.

Lower Promenade and Upper Promenade Seating

Upper Promenade of Arthur Ashe Stadium Seating

Seat number 1 is always located closest to the adjacent section with the higher section number. For example Seat 1 in Section 321 is next to section 322 (seat 21).

“While the best tennis venues provide a sense of intimacy, Ashe’s double-decker stack of luxury boxes, located immediately above the courtside seats, pushes everyone else higher, making fans in the upper deck feel as if they’re watching tennis through the wrong end of a telescope.” – Peter Dizikes

TickPick Tip:  We believe the best seats in the promenade sections in Arthur Ashe are the lowest rows. So we would pick seats based on the row number and price not the Promenade section number. Promenade Sections 306-336 has Rows A-Z; Promenade Sections 301-305 and 337-340 has Rows A-M.

Avoiding the Sun

Here are the best three ways to get seats in the shade at the US Open:

  • The West Side of the stadium. This is your best bet; buy tickets in sections 329-333.
  • The Luxury Suites
  • Seats on the South side; buy tickets in sections 301-303, 339 or 340 (the higher the seats, the better the odds of avoiding the sun).

Grounds Tickets

Grounds GA, or General Admission tickets do not give ticket holders access to Arthur Ashe Stadium. Instead, these tickets are good for access to any Field Courts or General Admission seating at Louis Armstrong Stadium.

Arthur Ashe Stadium Seat Views

If you are looking for a view from your seat for the US Open Tennis Championship, you are in luck. The official US Open organizers now provide an interactive 3d seating chart of Arthur Ashe Stadium: you can check it out here.

us open virtual venue

US Open Refund Policy

The USTA (Billie Jean King National Tennis Center) has one of the worst refund policies known to man, mostly because they don’t provide any refunds. Luckily now that Arthur Ashe Stadium has a retractable roof, the use of the refund policy will be limited.

They do say that they can provide an exchange at their own discretion, but have also kindly put together a three page document outlining and explaining all of the reasons (see also: excuses) why they do not provide refunds, in case you are actually considering asking for one. See the document here, if that guy might be you:

If you buy US Open tickets on TickPick and your event is rained out (at Louis Armstrong Stadium), we’ll provide you with a unique promo code for 5% off other US Open tickets.

Map of Billie Jean King National Tennis Center & Local Pick Up for US Open Tickets

Arthur Ashe Map - US Open Tickets Local Pick Up Info

Other Arthur Ashe Stadium Information

Built in 1997, Arthur Ashe Stadium is easily the biggest ATP venue in the world, with a capacity of 23,200. The next biggest Grand Slam Venue, Wimbeldon’s Center Court, holds just 15,000 spectators. The stadium is named after famed African-American tennis player Arthur Ashe, who won the first U.S. Open that allowed professionals to compete.

Arthur Ashe Stadium
124-02 Roosevelt Ave
Flushing, NY 11368‎

View Larger Map

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding seating or ticketing at the Arthur Ashe Stadium or the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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