What if the US Open Is Rained Out? | US Open Tennis Championship Reschedule Policy

Summer weather in New York City can be unpredictable (just as it is pretty much everywhere on the east coast), and it’s important to know what happens if the US Open is rained out. You’re probably asking yourself:

  • If the US Open is rescheduled, when will the matches be played?
  • Can I get a refund on US Open tickets if it is rained out?

We outline all the scenarios for you here so you know what to expect if the weather at the US Open takes a turn for the worst. Also, if you’re still looking for tickets, we have cheapest US Open Tennis Championship Tickets. Be sure to check out the information that we’ve included below, which details and outlines the US Open’s rainout policy.

If you’re looking for information about seating or seating charts, please feel free to check out TickPick’s Arthur Ashe Stadium seating chart blog for information that can help you find the best seats for the open!

US Open’s Inclement Weather Policy

Now, the circumstances can get a little tricky, but the US Open’s Inclement Weather Policy chart on the US Open’s official site below helps to explain determining factors in how you’ll know if your tickets can be exchanged or refunded, or whether the event is considered as being cancelled or not.

  • How long did the match last before the inclement weather? 60 or 90 minutes is the key amount of time
  • How many matches were completed?
  • In what stadium or court was the match held?
  • When does the match play begin? Has it started by 5:00 or 9:00 pm?

Keep in mind that sessions 21-24 (the last ones of the entire open in the latter rounds) WILL have the tickets honored during the rescheduled rounds, while sessions 1-20 will not.

US Open Inclement Weather Policy for Later Sessions 21-24

If sessions 21-24 of the US Open are rained out and rescheduled, your tickets will still be valid for the rescheduled date. Refunds are not available in the event that you are unable to attend the rescheduled date. For all updates on rescheduling decisions, tickets holders should reference the US Open website.

What If I Bought My Tickets on TickPick or Another Secondary Marketplace?

If you bought your tickets from a secondary marketplace such as TickPick, you’ll want to review the above policies from the US Open itself regarding whether or not you’d be due a refund on tickets.  It’s very important to note that if you’re not the original purchaser (ie, you didn’t buy them directly from the venue’s site, box office, or US Open’s site itself), then you should not look to exchange any tickets, as the option wouldn’t be available to you, but instead only the original purchaser.

Any of the above scenarios under the “Ticket Exchange Availability” column that ARE eligible for exchange would entitle a buyer on TickPick or another secondary marketplace to a refund on their tickets, as the original buyer would be able to exchange those tickets themselves. At that point, you’re free to purchase other tickets for another session knowing that you’ll be receiving a refund for your purchase for what’s deemed to be a “cancelled” session.

With all of that said, if you have hard stock tickets (not mobile/electronic ones) for the US Open, it’s important that you hold onto them, as it may be necessary that you ship the tickets back to the seller before you’re issued a refund from a secondary ticket exchange.

Be sure to check out the US Open Weather Report for up-to-date weather forecasts.

If you have any further questions about the US Open and how to get tickets, please email us at [email protected], call us at our support line 845-538-4567, or leave a question in the comments below!


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