It’s been a mysterious—and exciting—month for Bon Iver fans. It began the night of June 2, at the All Points East music festival in London, as fans were exiting Bon Iver’s headlining set. Playing over the PA were two new songs, “Hey, Ma” and “U (Man Like)“, which were later released on streaming services. You can check out lyric videos for the two tracks, below.

Justin Vernon confirmed that these songs will in fact be on their new record, the follow-up to 2016’s 22, A Million. In addition to debuting the songs, Bon Iver flashed a video which concluded with a web address: The website shows future tour guests, names producers, and pictures collaborators who helped Vernon with the album.

The title? According to the website—and the teaser trailer he shared on July 4—the title of Bon Iver’s forthcoming LP could be Keep It Restaurant. But we also have our eyes on the title of the trailer, Sincerity is Forever in Season, which would make an equally good title. Not to mention the mysterious web address, icommai, possibly an acronym? The trailer suggested Bon Iver’s fourth album will be a conclusion of sorts, a Fall.

The website also confirmed a new, live set-up for Bon Iver. “To further the growing community, Jenn Wasner, of Wye Oak and Flock of Dimes, will join Justin Vernon, Sean Carey, Matthew McCaughan, Michael Lewis, and Andrew Fitzpatrick to form the Bon Iver live band.” What does this mean for fans? Bon Iver’s new album calls for a large, professional sound. It appears that Justin Vernon isn’t messing around for this upcoming LP, the supposed fourth installment—or season—of the series set by 2008’s For Emma, Forever Ago.

Bon Iver will perform at European music festivals these upcoming months. Then, he will tour North America, hopefully to bring his fourth LP to the stage. Have Bon Iver’s tour schedule and ticket information handy, as we think the demand will skyrocket after the album release.
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