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There isn’t a bad seat in the house at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre, so if you can get your hands on tickets for The Book of Mormon, there’s not too much you need to worry about regarding the seating chart.

However, since we’re more of a seat critic than Broadway critic, we’ll be the first to admit that not all seats are equal. In this post, we’ll tell you which seats best and worst in the house. We’ll also tell you how to find the best deals and and where you can find the same The Book of Mormon seats at prices 10% cheaper than our leading competitor.

The Book of Mormon Seating Chart

Book of Mormon Seating Chart

Note: The thin red lines in the side orchestra and mezzanine section shows you which seats have a partial or obstructed view. The box seats are listed as a 4 (on a scale of 1-4, with 1 being the best seats) because they are partial view seats; however, many people love sitting here. Rear side mezzanine sections are marked as a 4 because they’re the furthest seats from the stage, and some seats are marked restricted legroom.

Read on for crucial tips regarding The Book of Mormon Seating Chart & ways to save money.

Orchestra Seats, Be Careful

If you’re looking at tickets in the Center Orchestra or Center Mezzanine sections, the seat numbers are not nearly as important as if you are looking at the Side Orchestra sections. Unfortunately, the box office doesn’t label their tickets with great detail, and instead simply say “Center Orchestra” or “Orchestra,” which can sometimes be misleading. If you buy tickets with the section labeled as “Orchestra,” that means that they’ll be on the side. If you only want to be in the center, make sure to specifically look for tickets that are labelled “Center Orchestra!”

Book of Mormon Seating Chart with Limited and Obstructed Views

Limited View Seats – Note: Row E seats 20 & 22 are limited view, but not disclosed.

Therefore, as a rule of thumb, if you’re buying tickets located within the side sections, we only recommend buying tickets for which the seller discloses the seat numbers. While tickets that don’t include notes or seat numbers will often be listed for less money, we suggest that you assume that those seats are the least favorable seats in the row (if you’re fine with the price and location, buy them ASAP).

Best place to buy Book of Mormon tickets?

You can save money and time when you use TickPick to buy Book of Mormon tickets, because

  1. Tickets are 110% guaranteed to be authentic
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  4. Seller’s are required to disclose all pertinent information regarding their tickets
    • If tickets are marked obstructed, partial view, or restricted legroom, that will be disclosed
    • We encourage sellers to disclose seat numbers (but can’t enforce them to disclose this private information)

Knowledge is Power (know the seating map)

If you’re looking for cheap Book of Mormon tickets, seats that are marked as “partial view” or “obstructed view” (which mean the same thing, according to the box office) are not always the cheapest option. This means you may not need to sacrifice your view; instead, the best savings come by sacrificing legroom.

The Rear Side Mezzanine sections (both the right and left), have seats in rows J, K, and L, which were recently changed to say “Restricted Legroom.” These seats are similar to airplane seats, and are typically the cheapest available. If you’re over 6ft tall, the space is tight, but still manageable (NBA players should pay up for different seats). Sellers are required to label these tickets as “Restricted Legroom,” and because the average consumer generally doesn’t know what that means, they don’t buy them. This typically results in prices below $199.

Book of Mormon Seating Chart

Seats in the box are marked “partial view,” and although you won’t miss much of the action, you may have to lean a little bit to see some characters’ entrances (I remember seeing a man lean over the balcony box and thinking, “wow, he may fall, but I only saw him do it once.”). Nonetheless, box seats have a reputation for being the most coveted seats, so if there’s a show worth trying them out, The Book of Mormon would be the one to try something new.

Thanks to industry standards and guarantee policies like ours, sellers need to disclose if their seats are obstructed; however, sellers do not need to disclose seat numbers. This is because of security and privacy standards, but you can bet if it makes the tickets look better (i.e. aisle seats 1 & 3), those details will often be provided, and vice versa.

Be Flexible With Dates

The easiest way to ensure that you’re going to get the best deal on tickets is to be flexible with the date on which you’re looking to get tickets. However, this is a luxury that many don’t have. If you do have this luxury, my best piece of advice is to buy your tickets as far in advance as possible. It never hurts to check Telecharge, which is the official box office for The Book of Mormon.

If you’re planning on going sooner than the next 4-8 months, then Tickpick is the best place to get the cheapest The Book of Mormon tickets. It’s the only Ticket Marketplace that does not have any buyer fees (or service fees whatsoever), thus saving you an average 10% (well over $100 when compared to other sites that add 10 to 20% fees at checkout). If your dates are flexible, you also want to be sure to take advantage of our “Compare Events” feature. On the search results page, this allows you to select up to 10 different dates that you would like to view tickets for. After you click compare, you’ll be able to view all of the tickets and the “Score Report” for all 10 dates within one screen.

Book of Mormon Prices by day (minimum & average)

Book of Mormon Ticket Prices by Day


Lottery Tickets or Bid on Tickets:

For many events, the longer you wait, the better the deals you can get, but unfortunately, with a hot event like The Book of Mormon, that’s not typically the case. If you find tickets that you like, don’t hesitate and hope that prices will decrease. Over 90% of the time, ticket prices increase the closer it gets to the event.

If you’re not willing to spend the money that sellers are asking, read about how to get Lottery Tickets for $32, or you can try and utilize TickPick’s patented Bidding Platform in order to name your price on tickets.

If you place bids, you can set your price and time of expiration (i.e. 6pm the day of, or maybe 5pm two days before the show). You can also cancel your bid at any time (as long as a seller has not already accepted your bid).

When you place bids on TickPick you’ll be presented with the likelihood of success (determined by your price and seats you selected). There are two great approaches, which are to either bid a few dollars below current prices to save a couple extra bucks, or to place a reasonable bid with an expiration time equal or close to show time.

Lowball bids are most likely to occur within the last hour or two before the show starts. Of course, this is somewhat inconvenient, but that’s also why you may be able to get tickets at prices significantly below the current listed prices.

How to Get Cheaper The Book of Mormon Tickets

Most other ticket marketplaces charge high service fees in addition to the listed price, but not TickPick. Here at TickPick, we have no service fees, making us your source for cheaper The Book of Mormon tickets on the secondary market. If you haven’t used TickPick before, you can sign up with the link below for $10 off your first purchase. If you have any questions regarding The Book of Mormon tickets, please feel free to submit a request here.

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