Britney Spears Tour – Is a 2014 Britney Spears Tour TBA?

Will Britney Spears tour in 2014? Only time will tell, but here at TickPick, we think Britney may have a 2014 tour in the works.  Here’s why:

Britney Spears Tour – Piece of Me Las Vegas Show

Britney is deep in rehearsal mode for her Las Vegas show Piece of Me. The show, which started development way back in 2011, will include 50 shows a year in both 2014 and 2015. Britney, who is making $15 million a year off the “residency”, will be one the highest paid Las Vegas performer in history. At first, a residency in Las Vegas, seems like the perfect reason to not go on a national tour. That is, until, someone mentions to Britney, “You’re already have everything you need for a tour. Why not take Piece of Me on the road?” And when you factor in Britney’s upcoming album (see below), the idea of an upcoming national tour for this pop idol doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

Britney Spears Tour – New Britney Jean Album

Britney’s eighth studio album, titled Britney Jean, is set to be released on Nov. 29th, 2013. With as executive producer and a rumored collaboration with Lady Gaga, this album is expected to be a doozy. The lead single, “Work Bitch”, was released back in September and peaked at number 12 on the charts. Spears’s favorite song from Britney Jean, titled “Perfume”, was just released last weekend and is currently making its way around the Internet. Britney has said multiple times that she considers Britney Jean to be her most personal album to date, as she delves into intimate details of her life over the past couple of years, including her break-up with ex-fiancé Jason Trawick.

Listen to “Perfume” and watch the music video for “Work Bitch” at the bottom.

Could the release of Britney Jean mean Britney Spears is ready to hit the road and perform a national tour? It’s certainly reason to speculate, but I think the biggest reason of all is still to come.

Britney Spears Tour – The “J” Word

I don’t want to say the “J” word, but let’s be honest. It’s likely that Britney may be a little jealous of ex-beau (and the love of her life) Justin Timberlake. Not to be too harsh about it, but let’s compare, shall we:

Justin Timberlake has:

A beautiful wife.

Two chart-topping albums in the last year alone.

A pretty good acting career.

The 20/20 Experience World Tour.

The adoration of millions of people.

Britney Spears has:

An ex-fiance.

One album coming out that may do pretty well.

No acting career.

A show in Las Vegas.

The adoration of some people.

Could jealousy drive Spears to go on a national tour in between her shows in Las Vegas? Rationally, no. But, we all know just how crazy Britney can be:

I think I’ve proved my point.

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