Detailed Buffalo Bills Tailgate Guide

Tailgating is an important aspect of the Bills Mafia. Even if you’ve tailgated before, it’s important to know that each team has their own tailgating rules and culture. The Buffalo Bills are known for their fun, and sometimes wild, tailgates. Rain or shine (or snow), Bills fans show up. Therefore, in this blog, we explain Buffalo Bills tailgating rules, parking, and more.

We also include how to get cheap Buffalo Bills tickets with no fees. We want you to have the best Buffalo Bills tailgate experience therefore keep reading to find out how. Additionally, check out our Buffalo Bills seating chart to help you navigate Highmark Stadium.

Where are the Buffalo Bills Tailgate Lots?

Everywhere. The Bills don’t put much of a barrier on tailgating, that’s why all parking lots allow tailgating. It is important to note that a few lots right by the stadium are reserved for season-long permit holders only and Lot 3 is reserved for oversized vehicles with a permit.

If you’re a dedicated Bills fan you may know about Hammers Lot. It’s one of the most popular Bills tailgating lots. The reason behind it centers around a Bills tradition with Pinto Ron. “Pinto Ron” or Kenny Johnson is a massive Bills fan who can be seen at every home game in the Hammers Lot. He even goes to away games, too! He’s known for cooking up some of the best tailgate food and adding to the Bills tailgate party fun. He actually cooks on the hood of his car in true Bills Mafia spirit.

Below is a Buffalo Bills parking map so you can navigate easily when tailgating.

Keep in mind that Buffalo Bills tailgating is massively popular and always packed. That’s why showing up very early is essential to securing a Bills tailgate spot.

Buffalo Bills Parking Map

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Buffalo Bills Tailgating Rules

Following tailgating rules is important for you to not risk getting kicked out and losing tailgating privileges. For more detailed info check out the official Buffalo Bills website.

Official open flame rules are not on the Bills website. However, because of the cold temperatures and harsh snow in Buffalo, fans typically are able to start a fire to keep warm while tailgating without getting told to put it out.

Buffalo Bills Tailgating Rules

  • No tailgating or loitering permitted next to or around parked buses or limo buses of 12 passengers or more
  • All fans must have a ticket to the game to enter any of the tailgating lots
  • Parking passes must be purchased ahead of time
  • No fighting, foul language, or obscene gestures
  • No scalping, improper resale of tickets, misuse of tickets/credentials, illegal merchandise sales
  • No weapons

How To Get a Buffalo Bills Parking Pass

When buying Buffalo Bills tickets on TickPick, it’s easy to add in a Buffalo Bills parking pass. Simply click the orange button below the seating map.

Make sure to choose the right parking pass for the tailgating lot you want. Also, tailgating lot parking passes should be purchased much in advance.

Tailgate Village at Highmark Stadium

Tailgate Village is notorious in the Bills Mafia. It was created a couple of years ago and is now restricted to the RV lot for safety reasons. The Tailgate Village hosts DJs, Bills drumlines, food, and more. It’s intended to be a safer, more controlled tailgating experience with different packages available for fans.

Unofficial Buffalo Bills Tailgating

If you’re not willing to fight for a tailgate spot or don’t have a ticket to the game, there are other Bills tailgating options.


On Abbot Road, the “Bills boulevard” is a great place for die-hard fans and new fans. There’s often Bills merch being handed out! It’s also a great place to feel the energy of Bills fans before a game.

Fan Zone in the ADPRO Sports Training Center

Located in the ADPRO Sports Training Center, this option is the most family-friendly Bills tailgating experience. There’s lots of Bills attractions, food spots, and more.

Local Bills Bars

The two bars closest to Highmark stadium are Kettles Korner and Big Tree Inn. They’re always full of Bills fans, especially on game day.

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