Chance the Rapper and Kanye West Deep in the Making of ‘Good Ass Job’

Back in August, fans received word that Kanye West had returned to his hometown of Chicago, for reasons beyond his roots. West has yet another 7-tracker in the pipeline, this time with fellow Chicagoan Chance the Rapper, who has been a longtime admirer of West’s career.

“I came out here with Chance to work on his album and I’ve just been hanging out with my friends,” West said back in August, when asked about his Chicago plans. “I love this city and I’mma be here a lot more. It’s a super inspiring place that made me who I am and I believe there’s some work that I could contribute to.”

The forthcoming collaborative LP will be titled Good Ass Job.  In a new interview with Tim Westwood, Chance talks about getting ‘Ye back in the city to make music, but also to reconnect the rapper with his foundation. Being the lead on the project, Chance has to remain level headed through ‘Ye’s political presence, as he becomes increasingly involved. He believes keeping ‘Ye posted in Chicago will help them separate from the chaos.



“Kanye can work on the city and do a good ass job on the city, but I think prior to doing that we have to work with Kanye on doing a good as job on himself. And just like understanding the mechanics of everything that he may not understand,” Chance says. “He’s reading the dictionary, and he’s having conversations with all these people from the city that have a different perspective than what he’s been used to for the past few years.”

In bringing Good Ass Job to life, the pair dug around in the early chapters of ‘Ye’s career, specifically The College Dropout, which Chance has long since cited as one of the first albums that ignited his love of rap.

“So that in hand with, you know, us reaching back and trying to remember some of the greatest moments that he’s created sonically,” he says of College Dropout era Kanye. “Trying to build off of that and create something that’s conclusively the best version of all of those things.”

Watch the full interview of Chance discuss Good Ass Job below.

Later in the interview, Chance confirmed that Good Ass Job is deep in the development stages, but didn’t go on to give us an exact release date. Though, in the process of giving us a timeline, Chance the Rapper divulged information re: Yandhi, the mysterious Kanye LP rumored to drop at the end of last month, and never did.

“Joints are done,” Chance confirms. “I know that he’s been teasing the Yandhi thing. I can say that that’s amazing. From what I’ve heard that’s amazing. I can tell you that’s coming sooner than Good Ass Job.”

So there you have it, amongst the lackluster SNL performance, a false album release date for Yandhi, and a confusing Oval office visit, Chance has taken it upon himself to be the beacon for ‘Ye fans out there who are just here, waiting for the music.

“The longer he stays there the more connections that’ll happen, reconnections that’ll happen,” Chance said. “I’m basically in charge of this project called Good Ass Job where I want to do a good ass job on everything.”

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