Super Bowl 56 Seating Chart Guide | SoFi Stadium 2022

This year’s Super Bowl 56 will be held at SoFi Stadium, which is the home stadium for the league’s Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers. SoFi Stadium is a state-of-the-art facility that opened in September of 2020, however, it did not welcome fans until 2021 due to Covid-19.

Like all Super Bowl games, the Super Bowl Seating Chart is mostly comprised of zone seating. Zone seating means that ticket holders don’t get specific seat assignments until a couple weeks or days before the game.

Therefore, if you’re a football fan looking to buy Super Bowl LVI Tickets that are listed as zone seating, you’ll want to be informed before making your purchase. That’s because when you buy zone tickets, you need to assume that your seats will be the worst seats within that zone. The good news is that here at TickPick, we have no service fees, a 100% BuyerTrust Guarantee that your tickets to the game will be authentic, and experienced customer support reps available to answer any questions you may have at 845-538-4567.


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SoFi Stadium / Super Bowl Seating Chart Zone Seating


Super Bowl Seating – Zone Seats for Super Bowl 56

Unfortunately, some sellers don’t know which Super Bowl game tickets they’re going to receive, and the “zones” differ depending on where you look. This logic also applies to Super Bowl suites in some cases.  

Upper Endzone 400-405, 424-434, 453-457, 504, 524-530, 550-553
Upper Corner 406-409, 420-423, 435-438, 449-452, 505-509, 519-523, 531-535, 545-549
Upper Sideline 410-412, 417-419, 439-441, 446-448, 510-512, 516-518, 536-538, 542-544
Upper Premium 413-416, 442-445, 513-515, 539-541
300 Level Endzone 305-313, 332-340
300 Level Corner 301-304, 314-317, 328-331, 341-344
300 Level Sideline 300, 318-327, 345-353
200 Level Endzone 204-210, 228-236
200 Level Corner 200-203, 211-214, 224-227, 237-241
200 Level Club Sideline C215-C217, C221-C223, C242-C244, C248-C250
200 Level VIP VIP218-VIP220, VIP245-VIP247
Lower Endzone 100-105, 119-124
Lower Club Corner C106-C107, C116-C118, C125-C127, C136-C137
Lower Club Sideline C108-C110, C113-C115, C128-C130, C133-C135
Lower VIP VIP110-VIP113, VIP130-VIP133, O131-O132
Terrace Suites in front of Upper Premium
Patio Suites in front of 300 Level Sideline
Perch Suites in front of Sections 314-316 and 301-304
Executive Suites in front of 200 Level
Bungalows in front of Sections 100-105
Field Cabanas in front of Lower Club Sideline

SoFi Stadium Tour & Walkthrough

There are a few different virtual tours you can take of SoFi Stadium, but the video below gives a more unique perspective of the stadium during a LA Rams game without fans in 2020.


How Many Tickets Will Be Available for Super Bowl LVI?

The listed capacity for SoFi stadium is 70,240, however, it can be extended to just over 100,000 fans for major events like the Super Bowl. At this point, the final capacity numbers have not been announced.

Super Bowl Seat Numbers

The Super Bowl seat numbers follow a common stadium pattern where seat number 1 is always on the right side of the section when facing the field. For example, seat number 1 in section 121 will be closest to section 122, and the highest seat number in section 121 will be closest to section 120.

100-Level Seating at Super Bowl LVI

Super Bowl seats in the 100-level at SoFi Stadium will typically be the most expensive non-suite or club tickets you’ll find since you’re closest to the action on the field. These 

200-Level Seating at Super Bowl LVI

The 200-level seats at the Super Bowl are the best views in the house, in our opinion, since you’re located high up enough to where you can see the plays develop in their entirety, without feeling as though you’re too far away from the field. Some of the nicest and most expensive seats in the entire stadium are located at this level like the Owners Club East & West, and the Google Cloud Club & Suites.

300-Level Seating at Super Bowl LVI

The 300-level at SoFi Stadium provides solid value for mid-tier seats and there are some great luxury experiences to be had in the Terrace Club seats located in sections 319-326 and 346-353.

400-Level Seating at Super Bowl LVI

The 400-level seats are located just below the 500-level and can give fans a closer view of the field than the sections above, albeit at a bit of a higher price point. These 400 sections are much smaller, with only 5 rows in each section all throughout the stadium. 

500-Level Seating at Super Bowl LVI

While the term “nosebleeds” is a common term at many major venues and sporting events, in particular, the negative connotation doesn’t apply to SoFi Stadium like it does other older venues, as there simply isn’t a bad seat in the entire house. The massive video board that envelops the entire field makes it incredibly easy to catch any live-action or replays, and the sightlines in the 500-level are perfectly good.

Additionally, prices in this level are always going to be the cheapest Super Bowl tickets fans can find, so if you’re simply looking for the cheapest get-in for your Super Bowl tickets, you should consider buying tickets in this level. 

Where are the Team Benches Located at Super Bowl LVI?

The AFC representative’s sideline at the Super Bowl will be located in front of sections 110-113, while the NFC representative’s sideline will be located in front of sections 130-133. 

Obstructed View Seating at the Super Bowl

There are no obstructed view seats that we know of within SoFi Stadium for the Super Bowl.

Where to Sit if it Rains at Super Bowl LVI

While SoFi Stadium is open-aired on its sides, all seats are covered from the elements by the stadium’s beautiful, translucent roof, so there is no need to worry about the weather for Super Bowl 56.

Super Bowl & SoFi Stadium Seating Guide

Now that you have a better sense of how Zone seating at the Super Bowl works, you should check out our SoFi Stadium Seating Chart, for a comprehensive review of the stadium for both the Super Bowl as well as the regular NFL season for the Rams and Chargers. The review includes seat views, seat numbers, row numbers, and tips on which are the best seats and worst seats for the Super Bowl as well as the Rams and Chargers regular season.

Super Bowl Ticket Information

For more information on how to get cheaper Super Bowl Tickets, check out our blog on when’s the best time to buy tickets, or better yet, sign-up for our super bowl ticket price updates below. And of course, you can see 2022 Super Bowl tickets for sale here. Have a question? Leave it in the comments below or call us at 845-538-4567.


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