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KPOP The Musical opens on November 20, 2022, but preview shows are already in full swing. The new musical, KPOP, is the story of K-pop stars and the global sensation the genre quickly became. It follows music superstars, including real K-pop sensations like BoHyung, Min, Kevin Woo, and Luna. There’s a total of 19 members having their Broadway debuts through this show. It also features Broadway stars Eddy Lee and Zachary Noah Piser.  Focusing on one singer’s inner struggle that threatens to tear down a major label in the industry, KPOP is full of exciting staging, dynamic choreography, and lively music. KPOP is also the first musical on Broadway to celebrate Korean culture.

In this blog, we detail everything you need to know to get KPOP The Musical tickets. However, we specifically focus on how to find the best seats at Circle in the Square Theatre and include an intricate Circle in the Square Theatre seating chart. Therefore, keep reading for all things Circle in the Square Theatre so you can watch KPOP.

KPOP The Musical Seating Chart

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KPOP The Musical Ticket Options

Circle in the Square Theatre has a unique seating experience and it’s important to know this ahead of time. It’s designed like a concert venue.  The stage at Circle in the Square Theatre is surrounded by seating on three sides. Therefore, every seat option is orchestra seating. Sometimes, depending on the show, the seating is a little changed, but you’ll know this ahead of time when you buy your Broadway tickets.

Best Seats at Circle in the Square Theatre

Pretty much all seats at Circle in the Square Theatre offer great views of the stage. However, there are vast distinctions between the seats and what they offer the viewer.

Rows AA to B are closest to the stage. However, they are also the most expensive and you’ll definitely be roped into the action of the play. So if audience participation is important to you, sit up close.

For a better view of the stage that’s less in the middle of it all, consider Rows B, C, and D of the orchestra. These are possibly the best seats in the house.

However Rows H, I, and J in the upper middle level offer great views of the stage at a lower price than premium orchestra seats. Anything in the center will be your best option.

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Accessible Seating at Circle in the Square Theatre

Circle in the Square is somewhat easily accessible for wheelchair users and those needing extra assistance. Once you arrive at Circle in the Square Theatre, staff escorts wheelchair patrons to a nearby accessible entrance. The specific accessible seating options are Orchestra K101, Orchestra K102, Orchestra J141, and Orchestra J142. However, when you buy tickets, it should confirm whether or not it is ADA accessible.

Obstructed Seats at KPOP The Music at Circle in the Square Theatre

There aren’t many obstructed views at Circle in the Square Theatre. However, like most theatre viewing experiences, avoid the far corners.  a For example, seats 438-440 are obstructed when actors perform on the far left of the stage and vice versa for the opposite side. In other words, as long as you’re not on the edges, you’ll have a great view. And, even if you are, you’ll only be obstructed for brief moments.

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