This past Thursday night, the Toronto Raptors won their first ever NBA championship (and have been partying ever since). And besides Kawhi Leonard and the powerful fleet that ushered the victory, no one is happier than Drake. Drake, who assumes many roles in this world: Rapper. Record Producer. Actor—most famously on the 2000’s teenage drama Degrassi. And, with great enthusiasm, the Global Ambassador for the Raptors.

That is why, in anticipation of the Raptors winning the 2019 NBA Championships, Drake promised his fans a pair of new songs to celebrate. Though a day later than promised, the “two-pack” arrived. The A-side is the song “Omertá,” named for the mafia’s anti-snitching policy. The B-side is “Money In The Grave,” where Drake reunites with industry great and longtime collaborator Rick Ross. Check out the two singles—dubbed The Best in the World Pack—below.


In June 2018 Drake dropped the massive Scorpion, a 25-song double LP which further cemented Drake’s affluence in the game. “Omertá” and “Money In The Grave” find Drake in a similar form to what we heard last year. Witty, hard-earned bars. Star-studded features. Understated beats that bump in the dark.

Drake’s release reminds us that he’s still keen on getting in your head, and staying there. Even if you’re not impressed at first listen, we think you’ll be returning to “Omertá” and “Money In The Grave” before the weekend’s over.

Best Bar: From “Omertá”

Bronny buyin’ up Brentwood like he still in Akron
A lot of pain, a lot of passion
A lot of relaxin’ while other niggas is overreactin’
That’s how we continue down the path of Jordan and Jackson
That’s some insight for y’all even if no one’s askin’

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