Drake’s “Draft Day” | Lauryn Hill, J-Law, and Johnny Manziel

Tuesday night, Drake released a new song titled “Draft Days”, a song fitting to the occasion of the upcoming NFL Draft and Drake’s blossoming bromance with Johnny Manziel (did you know about Manziel’s tattoo of the rapper’s OVO logo?). But since he dropped the song, fans and critics are speculating as to who a few of the lines are about. The song starts off with a sample of Lauryn Hill’s famous song “Doo Wop (That Thing)” and a nod to 21 year old football phenom, Johnny Manziel. He also mentions Chance the Rapper, but only briefly. What everyone is talking about has to do with a line in the single verse: “I’m focused on making records and getting bigger/ Just hits no Mrs./ That’s for the married folk”. And when we think big, married rappers, who is the first to come to mind? The one and only Jay-Z, of course. We don’t know why Drake would make a hit on Jay-Z in this track, or if he even is. But what we can be sure of is that Drake isn’t afraid to take those chances, and like his buddy Manziel, he’s not shying away from his own success.

And yes, Drake is making an all but modest shout out to J-Law at the end. And we can’t wait to hear what she thinks about it.

Listen to Drake’s new song “Draft Days”, streaming below via his SoundCloud, OctobersVeryOwn. 

Drake doesn’t have any upcoming US Tour dates, but his annual music festival in Ontario is set for this August, and he is (of course) featured in the lineup. OVO 2014 tickets are still up for grabs–seeing Drake rap on his home turf is something you probably don’t want to pass up. Whether he’s taking a jab at the married life or confessing his love to Jennifer Lawrence, he’s got our attention.

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