Happy Birthday Erykah Badu | 5 Incredible Moments from the Neo-Soul Queen

Neo-soul queen Erykah Badu (aka Badulla Oblongata, aka Sara Bellum, aka Analogue Girl in a Digital World, aka @FatBellyBella, aka SHE ILL, aka Manuela Maria Mexico) is celebrating her 48th birthday. Age is but a number to this celestial being who has blessed us with decades of incredible music and fascinating performances.

Happy Birthday Erykah Badu. Here are just 5 of your incredible moments as one of the most important musicians of your genre and of our time.


1. The NPR TIny Desk COncert: August 22, 2018

Erykah Badu shocks and lulls the small room of people in front of her with just two of her iconic songs: “Rim Shot” and “Green Eyes”. But two is all it takes.


2. “You Got Me” with the roots at woodstock ’99

Proof of Erykah Badu having the most compelling style and presence from the very beginning.

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3. the music video for love of my life an ode hip-hop ft. common

Yeah. She raps, remember? Badu’s best bars are at 1:36, but the whole video is classic.


4. The medley that stole soul train 2018

Her performance at the Soul Train Awards last year was one gesture of jazz, R&B, and hip-hop excellence. Not to mention watching all of the star attendees witness the excellence of their muse.


5. “tyrone” at north sea jazz, 2001

Eighteen years ago. What more can we say? Erykah Badu has been diversifying music and the world for a very long time now. And still, there’s more to come. Erykah Badu is performing limited dates this year. Don’t miss your chance to see her, as she tours minimally.

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