Everything We Know About Weezer’s Upcoming Album

Not many bands can claim the same amount of fame and relevancy than Weezer, who has been at the top of the alt-rock genre for over two decades now. Back in August, Weezer announced that The White Album follow-up, titled Pacific Daydream, would arrive this Fall (Oct. 27th). Leading up to the album release date, Weezer has put out a number of singles, the first being “Mexican Fender“, followed by “Beach Boys“, and most recently “Weekend Woman“, a track which has been lauded by both band and fans as most reminiscent of the old Weezer. You can check out the guitar laden, slightly sad melodic track “Weekend Woman” below.

“Weekend Woman”, much like their Brian Wilson centric track “Beach Boys” draws on melodic phrases that are heavily reminiscent of the titular surf rock icons. According to the track list and the lyric video for “Beach Boys”, it seems that the album heavily relies on Southern California imagery. The band’s guiding aesthetic on Pacific Daydream is “reveries from a beach at the end of the world.” A press release describes the album as sounding like “The Beach Boys and The Clash fell in love by the ocean and had one hell of an amazing baby.”

When Weezer began working on their eleventh studio album and follow-up to their acclaimed White Album, they intended to craft a “Black Album”. In a way, this was achieved by alluding to the Beach Boys throughout their upcoming LP, especially considering how the California rockers were constantly at odds and in competition with The Beatles, who originally released an LP titled The White Album. We’re not sure when the album’s intention became conscious, but Pacific Daydream is turning out to be an alluring record to escape to because of it.

According to an interview with Rolling Stone, Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo has gone about the making of Pacific Daydream using unconventional, ambitious methods. Though we’re used to seeing Cuomo’s perfectionism and musician’s obsession come out in previous albums, he’s taken his craft to a whole new level. Cuomo estimates he drew on thousands of guitar riffs, chord progressions, and beats stored on his home computer for the making of Pacific Daydream, and even wrote a custom formula in Google Sheets to pair up musical ideas based on their key and tempo. “Then I can see which ideas are most likely to fit with each other,” he explains. “I’ll find an idea and be like ‘Whoa! I don’t even remember making this!’ It’s kind of like collaborating with myself.”

Interestingly enough, the band was never in the same room together during the making of Pacific Daydream. Cuomo would send demos he’d recorded alone at his Santa Monica home to producer Butch Walker, who’d then bring in each band member to his L.A. studio to record their respective parts. Though Weezer isn’t in full agreement that this method of music recording is the best way to get work done, the singles released so far lead fans and critics to believe that something is working. Ultimately, though, “whatever keeps Rivers the most productive and happy is best for all of us,” bassist Scott Shriner says.


Fans of the classic Weezer will enjoy this new album, as it joins the band’s first two records as personal dictations from Cuomo’s investigational and analytical mind. Endlessly curious and delighted by the evolution of pop-rock music, Cuomo’s pursuit of excellence continues to feed listeners in the most rewarding ways. “There’s always a part of me that just loves super-joyous pop music,” Cuomo admits. “I just get so excited when ‘Call Me Maybe’ comes on.” He’d love to be an artist with a profound message, but “it’s hard for me to be divisive in a song.”

Weezer is getting ready to embark on a European tour after appearing at several music festivals in North America. We think it’s safe to say that Weezer will promote their upcoming album Pacific Daydream in the states following its release, as Cuomo promised “longer and more frequent world tours” on the horizon to Rolling Stone. You can check out the full track list for Pacific Daydream below.

1. Mexican Fender
2. Beach Boys
3. Feels Like Summer
4. Happy Hour
5. Weekend Woman
6. QB Blitz
7. Sweet Mary
8. Get Right
9. La Mancha Screwjob
10. Any Friend of Diane’s


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