Former NBA Star Jason Williams Still Has Game

Though he was never quite able to stake his claim as one of the elite point guards in the NBA, Jason Williams remains one of the most memorable players of the last couple decades. With a dizzying array of ball fakes, dribble moves and a penchant for creative passes, “White Chocolate” was a showman in every sense of the word.

Over the course of a 13-year career spent most notably with the Sacramento Kings, Memphis Grizzlies and Miami Heat, Williams was a veritable one-man highlight reel. The kind of player you literally could not take your eyes off of for fear of missing out on the next behind-the-back pass or killer crossover.

Apparently, that still holds true today. Even at the age of 39 and five years removed from the end of his professional career–

Sure, he’s pulling these moves off in pro-am game that looks a lot like my rec league. It’s also being done against a bunch of five-foot-whatever guys with a lot less game than Williams. That doesn’t change the fact that he still has that White Chocolate swagger.

Keep on crossin’, J-Will!

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