Hollywood Pantages Theatre Seating Chart with Seat Numbers

The Pantages Theatre opened in 1930 and is located in Los Angeles, California. This historic theater has hosted the Academy Awards and more recently has become Los Angeles’ leading venue for live theater performances, such as the Lion King, Wicked, The Book of Mormon, and of course, Hamilton!

Before buying tickets for an event at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre, you want to make sure you are familiar with the seating map. Below we breakdown a detailed Pantages Theater Seating Chart, including row and seat numbers, best & worst seats, partial and obstructed views, and where you can find the same Hollywood Pantages Theatre seats at prices 10% cheaper than our leading competitor.

Interactive Hollywood Pantages Theatre Seating Chart

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Hollywood Pantages Theatre Seat Numbers

Pantages theatre seat numbers hollywood

The center sections at the Pantages theater have consecutive seat numbers, and the right and left sections are even and odd number, respectively. The higher your seat number in any of the right or left sections (including right center and left center), the farther to the side of the venue you will be.

Orchestra Seating at Pantages Theatre

The Orchestra at the Pantages theater is much larger than your typical Broadway theater, stretching across 5 sections. While there are no obstructed or partial view seats in the orchestra, you should try to avoid the left and right sections, as the angle to the stage will be a bit extreme, and the acoustics will also be a bit worse.

The ideal place to be is in the center orchestra sections between rows E-P. It is the optimal view of the stage as well as clear acoustics. It is important to note that there is very little slope to the seating so you should try and score an aisle seat to clear up your sight-lines.

Because of how little slope there is, the double lettered orchestra rows are much farther from the stage than a normal theater and should be avoided when possible.

Mezzanine Seating at Pantages Theatre

The Mezzanine at the Pantages Hollywood is really more like a balcony. It is much higher up from the orchestra than a mezzanine level typically would be. The mezz hangs over the orchestra section at around row T. The acoustics aren’t as great towards the back of the mezzanine, so the closer rows are definitely recommended. Just like the orchestra, there are no partial or obstructed view seats in the mezzanine level.

It is important to note that row A in the mezzanine should be avoided because there it very little legroom. Rows B-H in the center sections are the best options in the mezzanine level and are preferable to the double lettered rows in the orchestra

Hollywood Pantages Theater Reviews

via Tripadvisor

“The Pantages is a large venue mostly for traveling musicals. It is almost worth going to just to see the classic interior. It was originally one of the original classic movie theatres that has been restored to perfection. That said it is very large and there are some poor sight lines. If you get stuck behind someone a little taller than you it is difficult to see. Also the sound is hit and miss. With some shows its good and with some its either too loud, too soft or not very clear. Still if you want to see the show playing there – go and enjoy”

Via Tripadvisor

“The Pantages theater is an historic movie house converted into a live theater venue. We recently attended Motown the Musical and were pleasantly surprised by the exceptional condition of the venue. The interior is beautifully maintained. We found the sound system to be very good despite having had some sound issues in the past. There is ample parking around the theater as well as great dining choices nearby. The theater is located to the east of the busiest parts of Hollywood Blvd. and very near to the freeway making for easy ingress and egress.”

Handicapped & ADA Seating at Hollywood Pantages Theatre

For those who are confined to a wheelchair and/or those looking to attend a game at Hollywood Pantages Theatre with somebody who is, there is some important information that you’ll want to know. If you’re seeking ADA or handicapped seating, you’ll find that there are accessible rows at the top of most sections within the venue and spread throughout. If necessary, folding chairs will be provided with guests, such as ones looking to sit with a fan confined to a wheelchair. One trick you can use to filter tickets that are handicapped or ADA accessible is by using our “Additional filters +” button on the event page that allow you to select “ADA (wheelchair accessible),” which shows all seats that the seller has marked as handicapped seating.

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