Detailed Houston Texans Tailgate Guide

The Houston Texans are the youngest team in the NFL, starting in 2002. They haven’t won a Super Bowl yet, but they’ve won six AFC South Championships. As usual with NFL teams, Texans fans show massive support to their team and love to tailgate on game days. Therefore, in this blog, we detail everything Houston Texans tailgating.

We also include how to get cheap Houston Texans tickets with no fees. Regardless of the kind of fan you are, whether you’re an avid tailgater or just curious about Texans tailgating, keep reading.

Also, check out our Houston Texans seating chart to help you find the best seat for you at NRG Stadium.

Where are the Houston Texans Tailgate Lots?

If you’re looking to tailgate at NRG Stadium, you’re in luck! It’s so easy to tailgate for a Texans game because they allow tailgating in every parking lot. No season pass holder perks, either. So long as you have a ticket to the game, you get to tailgate at any Texans Stadium lots. Here’s a list of them below.

Houston Texans Parking Map

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How To Get a Houston Texans Parking Pass

It’s easy to buy a Houston Texans parking pass when buying NFL tickets on TickPick. All you have to do is add in a Texans parking permit to your football ticket purchase. Click the orange button below the seating map to see parking pass options. But keep in mind we also sell off-site parking.

Houston Texans Tailgating Rules

Following tailgate rules is important as a Texans fan because you don’t want to risk getting kicked out of NRG Stadium. Plus, getting too rowdy could affect their all lots are for tailgating policy they currently have. Below is a condensed list taken from the official Houston Texans website where you can find more detailed tailgating rules.

  • Parking lots open 4 hours before kickoff
  • Use the trash dumpsters and ash bins that are in all lots
  • Additional spaces must be purchased for large vehicles
  • No saving spots
  • You can get a max of two passes for two tailgating areas
  • RV’s require two spaces minimum
  • Extinguish your open flames
  • No large balloons
  • You have to have a working fire extinguisher
  •  Don’t blast your music too loud
  •  Follow the parking attendants’ instructions
  •  Pick up your trash
  •  Don’t leave burning pits unattended

Unofficial Houston Texans Tailgate Options

For those looking to tailgate in an airconditioned area, or just want a more relaxed setting, this is for you.

Houston Texans Tailgate Bars

Local Houston bars are a great option to get an authentic fanbase and have a good time. Here are a few popular Houston Texans bars: Houston Texans Grille, Griff’s Houston, Concert Pub-Galleria, Christian’s Tailgate-Heights, and Carlos’s Beer Garden.

Get Cheap Houston Texans Tickets

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