One of the biggest questions any MLB fan has going into each year is: How much are MLB ticket prices this season?

We at TickPick have provided all of the info you’ll need below in order to determine what prices you can expect to pay in order to see your favorite team play this season. Keep in mind that the prices reflect those set by sellers on TickPick in particular, which is the cheapest secondary marketplace of any ticket site, and the only one that charges absolutely no service fees.

Average Ticket Prices Per MLB Team

The following average ticket prices for MLB teams listed below are ranked by their 2019 prices, from most to least expensive.

TeamAverage Ticket Price 
Boston Red Sox$70
Chicago Cubs$65
Cleveland Indians$62
St. Louis Cardinals$56
Houston Astros$56
New York Yankees$56
Philadelphia Phillies$53
San Diego Padres$50
Arizona Diamondbacks$50
San Francisco Giants$49
Los Angeles Angels$49
Kansas City Royals$47
Cincinnati Reds$47
Baltimore Orioles$46
Tampa Bay Rays$46
Los Angeles Dodgers$46
Minnesota Twins$45
Seattle Mariners$43
New York Mets$39
Milwaukee Brewers$39
Colorado Rockies$39
Washington Nationals$39
Texas Rangers$39
Detroit Tigers$38
Atlanta Braves$37
Oakland Athletics$37
Toronto Blue Jays$32
Chicago White Sox$30
Pittsburgh Pirates$29
Miami Marlins$28

The MLB Teams with the Most Expensive Tickets

1. Boston Red Sox

The most expensive MLB tickets this year are those of the 2018 champion Boston Red Sox. The average cost will run you $70 per ticket, and that’s much lower than the prices if you’re looking for premium seats.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as Fenway Park is not only the game’s oldest stadium (it opened back in 1912), but it’s also one of its smallest, with a seating capacity of only 37,755. This serves to increase the demand on tickets to see this historical franchise play, and given their four World Series Championships since 2004 – the most in the MLB since that time – fans need little excuse to come out and support a winner.

2. Chicago Cubs

Coming in just shy of the top spot for most expensive MLB tickets are those of the Chicago Cubs. Similar to the team above them in these rankings, the Cubs have a very old stadium (Wrigley Field opened in 1914) that is in the bottom half of seating capacities for MLB stadiums. The Cubs have managed to draw well over the years even when the team isn’t performing well, as was often the case before their draught-ending World Series in 2016.

Now that the Cubs are a winning team – having qualified for the playoffs in four of the last five seasons – fans are even more willing to pay top dollar to see the team play. Despite playing in more daytime games than any other franchise, they still manage to fill up Wrigley Field, keeping resale prices high.

3. Cleveland Indians

The Indians have been on a successful run in recent years, having made the playoffs in three of the last four seasons and falling just short of a World Series Championship in 2016. This competitiveness will always attract interest from fans, keeping them flocking to Progressive Field to see the team play. Cleveland plays in a stadium that ranks as the second-smallest in terms of capacity in all of the MLB, and ticket scarcity props prices up.

Sold-out stadiums will always lead an an increase on resale prices on ticket marketplaces such as ours, and this would seem evident in this case. A good on-field product plus limited available inventory leads to prices that rank as the third-highest of all MLB teams on TickPick.

The MLB Teams with the Cheapest Tickets

30. Chicago White Sox

Perhaps a surprising name so far down the list of most expensive tickets are the Chicago White Sox. Despite playing in one of the biggest markets in the MLB and fielding a team full of some young and exciting players who look to be a major part of this franchise’s next contending team, the crosstown rivals of the second-most expensive team (the Cubs) are one of the least expensive tickets in the game.

With some star players like Jose Abreu and young players with rising young stars like Yoan Moncada, Eloy Jimenez, Lucas Giolito, plus plenty more down on the farm, this team could turn it all around very soon. When that happens, expect ticket sales to skyrocket and for resale prices on the secondary market to increase, as well. This is a strong fan base who will absolutely show up in full force to catch a winning ball club in person, so keep an eye on season ticket prices heading into next season.

31. Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates haven’t made the playoffs since 2015, and have experienced some poor seasons since then, which have caused the luster of former franchise superstar Andrew McCutchen’s time leading the team to three straight playoffs berths to wear off. This has led to their tickets being among the cheapest of any team in baseball, even though they play in what’s maybe the game’s most aesthetically pleasing venue.

32. Miami Marlins

Earning the dubious honor of having the lowest-priced tickets on the secondary market among all MLB teams is the Miami Marlins. Despite playing in a relatively new and beautiful ballpark that opened in 2012 in a solid market, the Marlins have had a tough time selling tickets thus far at Marlins Park.

The Marlins have incredibly made just two postseasons berths in their franchise’s history, and both of those resulted in a World Series title, which is a lot more than the majority of MLB franchises could dream of during that span. They’re currently on a sixteen-year playoff drought, so expect average prices to be as low as they’ll get for an MLB game this year.

The Most Expensive Individual MLB Game Ticket Prices

Unlike most other sports leagues that play much shorter seasons than Major League Baseball’s 162-game schedule, the league typically schedules team matchups in three or four-game series.

What this does is give fans multiple opportunities each season to see their team play a certain opponent, if they wish, which can generally keep prices from varying too greatly on a per-game basis. There are certainly outside factors that can influence the cost of a particular few games during the season, such as a top prospect’s anticipated Major League debut, major rivalry (particularly ones played over the weekend) like Yankees vs. Red Sox, or a star player’s last game before retiring from the game, but for the most part, prices don’t fluctuate as much for MLB games as they can for other sports.

The potential for inclement weather will generally prevent many MLB fans from going all-in and purchasing very expensive tickets well in advance of an anticipated game on the off chance that the weather will be bad. This often makes it better to just wait and buy for a different game in that series.

How To Get the Cheapest MLB Tickets

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