Last week (June 18th) H.E.R finally released her full-length album, Back Of My Mind. For those of you familiar with the child prodigy turned R&B songmaker, the arrival of Back Of My Mind potentially felt like an afterthought. H.E.R has already delivered some of the best R&B tracks of the decade, such as her Grammy award-winning single “I Can’t Breathe” and the Oscar nominated “Fight for You.” But for those of you who are just now coming to the beauty, the brilliance, you got here just in time.

It’s not too late to discover H.E.R, especially now, in the aftermath of her first studio album Back Of My Mind.

Back Of My Mind, composed of 21 tracks, features artists such as Cordae, Kaytranada, YG, Thundercat, Ty Dolla $ign, and more. Soulful, lush, and emotionally raw at the center, Back Of My Mind expands on the musical mystique H.E.R has emanated throughout the industry so far. Though technically her debut, Back Of My Mind feels more like a second or third album, a continuation of what H.E.R has already given us. It’s a reminder of her remarkable, R&B genius. It’s a love letter, an understanding, of one of the world’s most important musical genres.

H.E.R, which stands for “Having Everything Revealed,” has waited patiently, and productively, for her shine. From covering Alicia Keys and Aretha Franklin on a mini-tour of U.S morning shows, to becoming the background music to Rihanna’s jet lag, H.E.R has been steadily nearing the limelight for years now. Then, when her compilation EP series H.E.R won Best R&B Album in addition to snagging four other huge nominations, the rising artist quickly found herself at the top of the mountain she’d been climbing her whole life—at just 21 years old.

Unlike the paths most musicians take, H.E.R became an awards show fixture before she released an official full-length studio album. In 2020, H.E.R was enlisted to perform the “In Memoriam” segment of the Emmys. In the same year, she played a set during the Super Bowl LV pregame ceremonies. H.E.R is an incredible live performer, one who can drop her guitar for a seat at the piano, or at the drums.

Not only is it not too late to discover H.E.R’s music. Fans, you still have the chance to see H.E.R tour her debut studio album. We wish Back Of My Mind featured more of her Prince-esque guitar riffs, showing off more of H.E.R’s multi-instrumentalist talent, but we think the album is rich with live improvisational possibility.

Will H.E.R Tour Back Of My Mind?

The last time H.E.R was on the road was the 2018 “I Used to Know Her” Tour. In the time since, H.E.R’s fame has grown astronomically. H.E.R mostly toured theater venues, places like Brooklyn Steel and House of Blues. We hope that H.E.R embarks on at least one more tour through smaller stages, giving her new fans the intimate experience of witnessing her talent unleash. But, whether it be stadiums or theaters, we are sure H.E.R will tour Back Of My Mind—this year, or in 2022.

When H.E.R comes to town, you won’t want to miss it. Considering the time it took to release Back Of My Mind, we wouldn’t be surprised if it takes another five years for H.E.R to compile her work. H.E.R, more concerned with bringing vitality to the industry, doesn’t seem tethered to the album-to-tour grind like many of her contemporaries. Though we will see her on TV, bridging gaps in award shows, or on Oscar-winning soundtracks, it may be awhile before her sophomore studio album.

In short: Don’t miss your chance to see H.E.R tour Back Of My Mind. It’s not too late to discover the music of H.E.R, an R&B prophet for these times. The collective unconscious lovechild of Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, and Lauryn Hill.

H.E.R is a marvelous distillation of voices, influences, and at the same time is all her own.

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