Izod Center Seating Chart – Detailed Izod Center Seating Info

Everything you need to know about the Izod Center Seating Chart before buying tickets.

I am not sure about you, but I like to have as much information regarding Izod Center’s seating chart before buying tickets, particularly the seat numbers. Like many venues, seat numbers in the Izod Center follow an easy pattern.

Izod Center Seating Chart


100’s Sections: 

If you are looking for tickets in the 100s along the sides (sections 104 to 112 and 118 to 126) it’s important to pay close attention to the row numbers. These sections are typically organized from row 1 to 26, and although Row 1 sounds ideal, this isn’t always the case.

Row #1 is literally on the floor, so when you are sitting or standing you are at the same height as the people on the floor. For concerts (specially if your fiance is below 5’6) the ideal row begins with row 4, otherwise the people on the floor will block your view (this can be seen in the picture above).

Almost every row in the 100s has 14 seats, however, sections 124 and 106 have some rows with 16 seats. Also,  sections 101-103 & 127-128 typically have 12 seats in each row, however some of the higher rows will have more seats going as high as 18 seats.

Seat #1 will always be closer to the adjacent section with the lower section number. For example, in section 103 seat #1 is next to section 102, and seat #12 (in section 103) is next to section 104.


200’s Sections:

I would not choose to sit in any of the sections between section 215 to 231. Sections 214 & 232 are questionable (because of the angle and view of the stage) but sections 213 and 233 will give you the “closest” view of the stage without compromising your perspective and angle. Sections from 201-212 and 234-244 will hopefully meet your expectations.

Expert tip: For each section that you move closer to the center section (i.e. 212 or 234) I would be willing to sacrifice 2 rows. Thus, I would be indifferent to sitting in row 7 of section 210 vs row 5 of section 209 or row 3 of section 208.

Seat #1 in section 208 is on the aisle closer to section 207 and seat #10 in section 208 is on the aisle closer to section 209. Most sections have between 12 and 14 seats per a row. The center sections (210-214 and 232-236) typically have 14 seats in a row. The lower rows often have less seats (between 6 and 10) and the higher row numbers almost always have 14 seats.


Izod Center Floor Seats for Concerts:

The floor sections for the concert seating chart follows the same logic as the rest of the venue. The lower seat numbers are always on the right hand side of the section and the higher seat numbers are on the left side of the section (to be clear this is for sections 1 thru 9).

Sections 1-3 & 7-9 have 26 rows, while sections 4-6 typically have 21 rows.

For most concerts each floor section has 16 seats per a row, but some concerts change the seating map and may have 18 seats per a row.

Izod Center 3d seating chart
Left: taken from the 18th row of sec 103. Right: taken from the 4th row of sec 121 (no zoom).

Summary of Izod Center Seating:

Izod Center is a surprisingly intimate venue. I recently sat in section 103, to see Dave Matthews. I was delightfully surprised with how well I could see the stage (the picture above is misleading).

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Izod Center Parking Information

Parking at the Izod Center is surprisingly good compared to other venues of this volume. You can pay $30 in advance to get a guaranteed spot in the closest parking garage to Izod Center. However, you can go to the venue & pay $25 (cash only) for whatever parking is available (parking map). We’ll leave that decision up to you, but either way, the parking at the Izod Center is pretty hassle-free.

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