Welcome to TickPick’s interactive KFC Yum! Center Seating Chart. Below you will find the seating chart configurations for both concerts and Louisville Cardinals basketball. This guide provides you with interactive KFC Yum! Center seating charts, seat numbers, row numbers, and much more. So whether you’re going to a Concert or a Cardinals game, TickPick has all the information you need to decide which seats to purchase.

 KFC Yum! Center Seating Chart | Louisville Cardinals

Hover over each section for KFC Yum! Center row numbers

  • The Louisville Cardinals bench is located in front of section 117 and the visitors bench is located in front of section 115.
  • The Lousiville student sections are located in sections 110-112 and in sections 314-317. Student tickets are distributed on a game by game in a first-come, first-served manner. These tickets can’t be bought on the secondary market.
  • The best seats for a Louisville Cardinals game are located in sections 105-107 or sections 115-117.

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KFC Yum! Center Seat Numbers

At the KFC Yum! Center the seat numbers follow a standard pattern where seat number one will always be on the aisle closest to the lower numbered section adjacent to it. For example seat one in section 116 will be on the aisle closest to section 115, and the highest seat number in section 116 will be on the aisle closest to section 117.

KFC Yum! Center Seating Chart | Taylor Swift Concert

  • The seats number in the floor sections follow the same pattern for the rest of the arena, where seat one will be closest to the lower numbered section adjacent to it. So, the seats closest to the stage in Floor 1 will be the high seat numbers, and seat 1 in Floor 2 will be closest to the stage.
    • In Taylor Swift’s seating configuration there are not any bad seats in the Floor Sections 1-2, however we would not advise sitting in Floor sections 3-4 because you will be very far from the main stage.
  • The Pit Section for Taylor Swift is general admission, meaning it is standing room and space will up on a first come first serve basis. This area is not recommended if you are bringing kids because it may be difficult for them to see Taylor perform.
  • Section 105-107 and 115-117 are the best sections not on the floor, and may even be a better option than floor seats because these sections provide the necessary elevation to ensure your view won’t be blocked by those sitting around you. If you are bringing younger kids to the show sitting in the 100 level may even be preferred to the floor to ensure they will be able to see the entire performance.

KFC Yum! Center Concert Seating Chart

  • This is the standard concert seating chart configuration at the KFC Yum! Center. All the same logic applies here, but we wouldn’t advise sitting higher than row J in floor section 3-4. The floor sections have no elevation so the farther back on the floor you are the more likely it is that you view can be blocked.

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