Lady Gaga Roseland Review – What to Know Before the Concert

This review of the Lady Gaga concert at the Roseland Ballroom isn’t so much a review of her performance, but more importantly an overview of the information that’ll help you have a better concert experience. I mean we all know this girl can sing (well actually until I saw her live, I didn’t know she was this good). Lady Gaga’s vocal performance was amazing! Way better than Beyonce’s Roseland concerts back in 2011, sorry Bey, but Lady Gaga outdidya.

If you are still debating about going, and prices are holding you back, don’t worry you can still buy cheap Lady Gaga tickets on TickPick. Right now you can get tickets for the Wednesday concert for $85, and between $110 and $120 for the Friday, Sunday or Monday concert.

Note, only hard tickets are available so there’s no etickets which makes it difficult to get tickets last minute. This is good and bad, on Friday at 3pm I bought tickets for the Monday concert for $55, however, because the tickets need to be shipped (or picked up locally near the venue) ticket prices on Saturday increased to $100. Anyway, if you are a Lady Gaga fan, paying $100 to see her closeout Roseland Ballroom is worth it.

Here’s what you need to know before going to the Lady Gaga concert at Roseland:

What time does Lady Gaga go on stage?

Lady Gaga hits the stage around 9:15pm.

How long does Lady Gaga perform?

Lady Gaga performs for 60 to 70 minutes.

How many songs does Lady Gaga play?

Lady Gaga plays a fixed 11 song setlist (see setlist below).

Does Lady Gaga perform an encore?

Yes, Lady Gaga has a one song encore (see below).

Where Should I stand?

Lady Gaga - How to Hold Your Partner Up

Great question! Assuming you are a common folk like myself you are going to have a tough time getting a decent place to stand: well that’s not entirely true, if you are 6’1 like me you’ll be fine, but then again that’s not totally true either. If your wife is 5’6 (or shorter) you’ll likely end up having to put her on your shoulders, let her stand on your feet or hold her up in that weird awkward rugby pose.

Lady Gaga Roseland Concert Seating


On a more serious note, here are a couple suggestions:

1. There’s a sound board in the back of the GA Floor section – if you can stand right behind it, you’ll be able to lean on the fence and you’ll have no one in front of you. If that doesn’t work the railing on the stage left side is good, but

2. Be aware that Lady Gaga performs close to 3 songs in the ArtPop Zone (I was standing stage left, towards the back and couldn’t see any of this), so

3. Try to make sure you are in a place so that you can see inside the artpop zone (which is elevated off the floor), or

4. If you can afford the Mezzanine GA section definitely buy those tickets – the face value is ~$245 and they are reselling for close to the same price

5. If you are up in the Mezzanine section make sure to get close to the stage during the 4th song (bad romance) she makes a nice little surprise.

6. Just Enjoy the Lady Gaga concert!


Also, if you can’t make it to roseland don’t worry Lady Gaga has got plenty of other concerts: Lady Gaga Tour Dates 2014.


Lady Gaga’s Setlist:

Born This Way (acoustic)
Black Jesus – Amen Fashion
Bad Romance
Sexxx Dreams
Yoü and I
Poker Face (acoustic)
Just Dance
ARTPOP (Instrumental interlude)


Note: That Lady Gaga is performing a total of seven concerts at Roseland Ballroom over an eight period day: this 65 minute concert is by no means her normal concert length.

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