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Michael Buble, a three-time Grammy award winner, is back on the road with a tour to promote his 8th studio album, To Be Loved. If you are looking for tour dates, you can find Michael Buble Tour Dates here, but if you want a deeper look into what Michael Buble’s To Be Loved Tour will be like and how you can score cheap Michael Buble tickets, you’ve come to the right place.

Michael Buble Tour – How is Michael Buble’s New Tour different from his Crazy Love Tour?

While Buble was just short of euphoric when describing his 2010-2012 Crazy Love Tour, leading up to his new To Be Loved Tour, the pop/rock/jazz star has stated that he looks back on his 2010-2012 tour as the training ground for his current tour. “I was making [the show] too comedy-heavy and ducking away from rich songs,” says Buble of his last tour, “It was a real learning curve for me.” While Buble puts his previous antics up to nerves, he has stated that he will be incorporating the lessons he learned into his new tour. “It’s a massive production, my biggest yet, and a far more mature show,” remarks the artist of his new tour.

Why the change? While I hate to dip into the skills I learned in my Comp. Lit. class in college, I can’t help but think that a growing maturity in Buble’s concert-style reflects a deeper change in the artist’s lifestyle. Since his previous tour, Buble has sobered up, got married, lost weight, and become a father. All of these themes can be seen in the decidedly upbeat tone of the songs on To Be Loved. Of the record, Buble stated, “When my manager says, ‘I wonder if we’re going to sell two million or eight million,’ I’m thinking, ‘Yeah, either is a great bonus, but let’s hope my wife is healthy and my kid is healthy.’ I’m 37 years old and I’m starting to think, what’s it all about? It surely isn’t about how many records I can sell or how many stadiums I can fill. My perspective has definitely changed. I have no drama to tell you about. I wish I could say these songs came from misery or heartbreak.” If you want to hear more about Buble’s transformation in both his personal life and his artwork, read this awesome article by The Telegraph.

Whatever has changed since last time, one thing clearly hasn’t: Buble just wants to give back to his fans. Why else would someone who already has so much leave his wife and kid for a world tour?

Michael Buble Tour – How to score Cheap Tickets to see Michael Buble on Tour

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