This NFL ticket exchange review will provide you clear answers as to what the NFL Ticket Exchange is, what the fees are, how TicketMaster’s Ticket Exchange compares to Stubhub, and other important tips such as how to verify your tickets are real and tips on how to get the best deals on NFL tickets without paying any service fees.

NFL Ticket Exchange Fees – Buyer Fees & Seller Fees

What are the NFL Ticket Exchange fees? Surprisingly, or not this is a hard question to find the answer to. The NFL Ticket Exchange has many FAQs, here’s the best answer:

“Fees vary by team. All fees associated with buying a ticket are displayed during checkout. The fees typically include a convenience charge, an authentication fee, and/or a ticket delivery fee.”

It should just say the NFL Ticket Exchange charges Buyers a fee of 15%

The disclosure of seller’s fees is even worse; the Ticket Exchange NFL guide book says:

Is there a commission when selling my tickets? If so, how much?
NFL Ticket Exchange by Ticketmaster receives a commission on the total ticket sale. The commission amount will be either 10% or 15%. At the time of listing your tickets for sale, you will be notified of the exact commission value prior to the posting of your tickets.

Here’s a simpler explanation: Season ticket holders (STH) that list their tickets on the NFL Ticket Exchange are charged 10%. If you’re not a season ticket holder, you’re charged 15%.

However, please note regardless if you are a season ticket holder if you sell tickets directly through TicketMaster or TicketsNow you’ll be charged a service fee of 15%. Thus the total NFL TicketExchange fees are between 25% and 30%.

TickPick seeks to differentiate itself with lower fees [0% for the buyer] vs. StubHub [and NFL TicketExchange], who charge 10-15% for buyer). – CNN Fortune

NFL Ticket Exchange Review

The NFL ticket marketplace is designed to make it easy for football season ticket holders to sell their tickets, however, as a fan, TicketMaster makes it difficult to buy NFL tickets.

So first let’s set the record straight, TicketMaster (now known as Live Nation Entertainment, thanks to the controversial live nation merger), is the owner and creator of both TicketsNow and the NFL Ticket Exchange.

As the football season ramps up you’ll start to see a plethora of TicketMaster’s NFL Ticket Exchange commercials, but their branding between the three different (but same) websites is horrendous. I am in the industry and even I get confused by the NFL Ticket Exchange, TicketMaster Ticket Exchange and TicketsNow platform.

Note, the same convoluted situation exists for the NBA Ticket Exchange & the NHL Ticket Exchange.

My personal and professional opinion is that TicketMaster does not care about the NFL Ticket Exchange. If you take 5 minutes to compare TicketMaster’s NFL Ticket Exchange to TickPick, you’ll see that a team of (less than) 5 people created a cheaper, more intuitive and more user-friendly experience verses TicketMaster.

Why is this the case? There’s a shortage of programmer’s, but considering TicketMaster was willing to pay $200mm for a five-year contract with the NFL, you would think they would spend a little money on their website to enhance the user experience.

TicketMaster rather spend millions of dollars marketing to build their brand instead of creating a superior product and service that makes fans happy. It’s only so long that this expensive strategy fueled by high “convenience” fees, will work. You can help us prove that.

If TicketMaster disagrees to this claim, then someone from TicketMaster should reply in the comments below with an explanation.

How to Verify your NFL Tickets are Real

The one benefit that TicketMaster’s Ticket Exchange provides is that every ticket listing can be transferred to an electronic ticket. This is beneficial because:

  1. The tickets are reissued in the new buyer’s name.
  2. The original tickets and barcode are no longer good.
  3. There are no shipping costs (although there is a $5 transfer fee, fedex shipments costs $10).

The added peace of mind that TicketMaster’s verification provides is valid, particularly if you are debating about buying tickets on Craigslist vs the Ticket Exchange. However, if you are comparing buying tickets on the Ticket  Exchange vs. Stubhub, or TickPick, the ticket authenticity Guarantee that TickPick provides makes the value proposition of TicketMaster’s verification of little value.

Unlike other ticket sites TickPick has a thorough screening process for its sellers. It’s through this process that we are able to back every order with our 110% money back guarantee. This is done by requiring each seller to provide us with a valid credit card, in addition to their full name, address, phone number and email. Lastly, new seller’s are not paid until after the transaction has been completed, thus eliminating any incentive to sell fraudulent tickets.

Expert Tip: After you receive your tickets you can check the validity of the barcodes by going through the first few steps of the sale process. First, find your Ticket Exchange TicketMaster NFL team. Then click sell tickets for the right event. You will then be directed to enter your barcode. After that it should populate the details of your tickets. Once this happens you know your tickets are legit. It is possible that you have a problem when you try to enter the barcode. If it says barcode not found, or something similar, that’s a problem. If it says to contact them, this does not mean your tickets are not legitimate. This may occur if the original seller also had their tickets listed on the Ticket Exchange at one point. Give us a shout in the comments below if you have any questions about your tickets being real; we would be happy to help.

NFL Ticket Broker

Most football tickets that are getting resold are through NFL ticket brokers. Some ticket brokers may have as many as hundred seats per a team. However, counter to what you may think, ticket brokers are often reselling tickets on behalf of the original season ticket holder. You might think this is wrong but they are providing a service to the original season ticket holder and increasing the overall supply of tickets that other fans can buy. This is sometimes called consignment, which is when a ticket broker sells your tickets on your behalf. Most brokers keep 20% of the profits, but different agreements are also common.

Although you may think it would be best to get in touch with a ticket broker directly to buy football tickets, this is rarely the case. That’s because the largest ticket brokers are considered “fulfillment brokers” and they have gained size and scale by operating an online platform. These fulfillment brokers don’t see the upside to selling their own tickets on their own sites, verses selling their tickets on the NFL ticket exchange, Stubhub or TickPick.

Therefore if you call or visit a ticket brokers website, such as Denver Tickets (one of the largest ticket brokers in America) you’ll still be charged 20% to 25% in fees, even on that brokers own tickets. However, these same tickets are  displayed on TickPick for less. The way it works is the broker tells us the price they need / want to receive for the sale of their ticket, this can be referred to as the wholesale price. TickPick adds 10% to the listing price and then shows consumers an all-in ticket price. This 10% commission is the smallest commission of all of the ticket marketplaces. When comparing the NFL Ticket Exchange (all-in) ticket prices which has 10% buyer fee and an additional 15% ‘hidden’ service fee at checkout, TickPick is going to look amazing.

TicketMaster’s NFL Ticket Exchange Restrictions

Each team can set its own restrictions, for example the Baltimore Ravens has a Minimum Ticket price, which is tied to the face value of the ticket.

New England Patriots have one of the most restrictive exchanges in the NFL. You can only use the Patriots Ticket Exchange if you are a season ticket holder or on their waiting list. They also limit the number of tickets that can be listed and bought to just four tickets. This is intended to restrict the resale of tickets, however, this seems like an inconvenience to fans. There are NO restrictions on TickPick. Ticket prices are dictated by the market, which means if the NY Jets aren’t doing well, tickets will sell for below face value, where’s the Pittsburgh Steelers tickets may sell for more than face value. What we can guarantee is that you’ll never pay any convenience fees or service charges and your tickets will always be 100% authentic.

NFL Ticket Exchange

When visiting the NY Giants page on TicketsNow, you are charged a 15% service to sell your tickets. Interestingly enough the New York Giants, host of Super Bowl 2014, are one of two teams that are not “verified” by TicketMaster. The Arizona Cardinals are the only other NFL team that are not TicketMaster verified. I presume this will change, but there’s currently an error with the Giants Ticket Exchange as well as the Cardinals Exchange.

National Football League

I love the National Football League, but it just crossed my mind, should they also be faulted for cutting this deal with TicketMaster, after all it’s their brand which is impacted as well… But I digress, just remember, save money, support your team and buy cheap NFL Tickets on TickPick.