Broncos vs. Patriots – AFC Championship Matchup

Broncos Patriots Tickets – What’s the deal with the resale of these tickets & what’s going on with Ticket Prices?

The Media and ticket resllers are having a field day with the recent stunt that the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks put on; aka restricting ticket sales to states determined by the home team. See the official Denver Broncos press release regarding restricting ticket sales here and the Seattle Seahawks press release by clicking here.

Many are wondering what’s the impact on secondary ticket sales and prices for the Broncos Patriots AFC Championship game. See for yourself:

So although the price chart shows that ticket prices have been decreasing, which they are, you would typically see a significantly bigger decline in ticket prices after a couple days following the primary ticket sale. Even more interesting may be the fact that the TicketExchange has 5,000 tickets for sale, while Stubhub, which typically has significantly more tickets only has 4,000 tickets. This leads me to believe that it’s not just Ticket Brokers that are reselling tickets but 500 an additional 500 traditional fans that have listed their tickets on just the Exchange and not Stubhub.

Even though TickPick has significantly less ticket inventory for the Broncos AFC championship game, we still have some of the best deals on the cheapest pairs of tickets. For example:
Section 517 Row 10 on TickPick: $306 (all-in)
Section 517 Row 13 on Stubhub: $318.50 (all-in)
Section 515 Row 11 on TicketExchange: $311 (all-in)

Note all tickets are from ticket marketplaces with changing ticket prices. Before buying tickets anywhere we suggest always checking TickPick to see if the same tickets are available; that’s because TickPick only charges sellers 10% and nothing to buyers, while all other marketplaces have total fees greater than 20% in total.

AFC Championship Forecast – Originally written on January 3rd:

If the Broncos and Patriots knock off their respective opponents in the Divisional Round, football fans will be blessed to see two aging Hall of Fame quarterbacks battle head to head for the 14th time, and 3rd time in the AFC Championship. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have been facing off since Brady’s first career start in 2001, a game which the Patriots won 44-13 against Manning’s Colts. This long rivalry has given fans the greatest comeback in AFC/NFC Championship history in 2006, when Peyton Manning was down 21-3 at half only to lead his Colts to a 38-34 victory en route to his first and only Super Bowl Championship.

Brady leads the series 9-4, however Manning has thrown for more yards and touchdowns in their meetings. Nonetheless, if this match-up comes to fruition, it will be of the utmost importance to each of these quarterbacks legacies. Although Brady has won three Super Bowls, he has not won since 2004, having lost twice to the New York Giants, with the 2007 Super Bowl being for a perfect season as 14 point favorites. Manning is coming off a season in which he set the passing TD record (and passing yards), besting Brady’s mark of 50 with 55. However his playoff record of 9-11 hurts his all-time ranking, but another Super Bowl ring would put him atop the discussion for greatest QB of all-time.

Football fans around the world should be rooting for this match-up. There isn’t another game that has more impact on legacies than this potential clash between two of the greatest of all-time.

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