Outlined below is a comprehensive breakdown and comparison of the various ticket refund policies offered by major ticket companies like Ticketmaster, StubHub, Telecharge, and TickPick.


In the case of a canceled event, Ticketmaster will directly alert the buyer and refund your purchase. Seamlessly, a full refund will be reimbursed to your account.  However, UPS and retail fees will not be refunded.

Should the event be rescheduled, Ticketmaster contacts the buyer with the new event information. At this point, if the buyer was not able to go to the new event, the decision to refund a purchase is out of Ticketmaster’s hands. The decision now lies with the artist, team, venue, or promoter who can then make the decision whether to offer refunds or not.

For events scheduled to take place at Ticketmaster’s participating venues, full refunds are available for up to three (3) days following a purchase, as long as that purchase wasn’t made within a week of the scheduled event date.

The official policy is that no refunds or exchanges can be made for any ticket that is within a week of the event, more than three (3) days from purchase, or not located at one of the aforementioned participating venues for which we’ve provided the link in the paragraph above.


StubHub gets a little trickier, because they largely deal with individual sellers reselling their tickets, rather than professional ticket brokers.

StubHub guarantees that the buyer will get tickets on time for your event. But in the case that the buyer doesn’t… StubHub will find better or equal value tickets for that event. If that doesn’t work, they’ll offer a full refund.

If the buyer doesn’t agree that the tickets issued to them were of equal or better value, it is the sole discretion of StubHub to decide whether or not to issue a refund or offer another set of seats. In the event that a refund is offered, the buyer may be required to ship the ticket back to StubHub if the tickets are hard stock.

If the buyer purchases fake or invalid tickets, then StubHub will work with the venue to try to find replacement tickets on the spot. If that doesn’t work, they will fully refund the buyer for their purchase.

StubHub has recently come under fire after changing their policy on postponed and/or cancelled events amid the large wave of events being moved or cancelled due to COVID-19. While they used to follow the same policies as all other marketplaces with regard to refunding the user the full amount of their order, they now instead add a coupon to the user’s StubHub account in the amount of 120% of their purchase price, without giving the buyer the option of receiving their money back.

If it’s postponed and you can’t attend the new date, the advice StubHub gives its customers is to resell their tickets on their site.


Will I get a refund if an event is cancelled because of coronavirus?

We understand that at the time of this writing (Friday, March 13th), COVID-19 — or the coronavirus — is an important topic when it comes to fans being able to receive refunds. In the past week, numerous concerts, shows, and games have been either postponed or outright cancelled by the venues and/or leagues themselves.

It’s important to remember the distinction between cancelled events and postponed ones, as any event that’s cancelled, such as the NCAA Tournament, will entitle all buyers to the option of the better value of 110% of their order total in TickPick credit OR they may opt for a 100% refund to their card on file. If an event is postponed, such as the vast majority of concert tours like Billie Eilish or Rage Against the Machine, as well as entire leagues like the NBA or NHL, hold onto your tickets, as refunds unfortunately aren’t able to be issued if the event is still going to be held with fans in attendance. One more important thing to note is that if events are held but fans are closed out from attending, TickPick treats it as a cancelled event and the buyers are entitled to a 110% TickPick credit or a refund.

If you’re unable to use this tickets for an event that is postponed for a later date, you’re able to list them for sale here in order to recoup funds.

In the event that a TickPick buyer encounters any problems at the venue, they’re encouraged to immediately call TickPick’s customer service team at 845-538-4567 for assistance. If the buyer contacts TickPick from the venue at the time of the event (or shortly before or after it’s set to occur), TickPick will attempt to secure comparable replacement tickets for the buyer.

If replacement tickets cannot be found, or if the buyer was not able to contact TickPick before the event, TickPick will provide the buyer with a prepaid FedEx shipping label to use in returning the tickets (if hard stock) to TickPick along with a return order form. Upon confirmation by the venue that the tickets were invalid, TickPick will issue the buyer a refund for the full cost of the tickets, including service fees and shipping & handling charges.

If an event is cancelled and the buyer is required to ship tickets back (if received as hard stock), all returned tickets must be received by TickPick within 15 days of the buyer’s receipt of notice from TickPick regarding eligibility for refund.

If an event is postponed or rescheduled, please retain your ticket. In most cases, the original purchased ticket will be honored for the new event date. New tickets will not need to be reissued for most rescheduled or postponed events. Refunds or exchanges will not be made for postponed or rescheduled events, and TickPick is not responsible for incidental expenses related to a rescheduled event.

The Buyer must contact TickPick Customer Service at [email protected] or 845-538-4567 within 5 days from the date the tickets were expected to arrive. The sooner the buyer contacts TickPick, the greater the likelihood that TickPick will be able to assist the buyer in fulfilling the order or, if necessary, locating replacement tickets.


The buyer will receive a full refund for a canceled performance upon returning the ticket to Telecharge.

If, for some unforeseen circumstance, the buyer is unable to attend the show for which they bought tickets, Telecharge will offer an exchange for a different date.  This is a case-by-case basis, and will often only occur for popular shows that Telecharge understands it can resell on a short term notice. This is called past-dating.

A theatre manager for Jujamcyn — the organization that controls the August Wilson Theatre, where Jersey Boys plays, in addition to the St. James, Al Hirschfeld, Eugene O’Neill and Walter Kerr Theatres — summarized the company’s past-dating policy as follows: “Traditionally, if you’ve missed a performance, you should call Telecharge after 11 AM on the day of the performance that you wish to attend instead. That performance must be an evening performance on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. If tickets are available, a Telecharge representative will grant you new tickets. When you show up to the theatre, you must bring the original tickets, to trade them in for the new ones. The Jujamcyn theatre manager notes that “the courtesy of past-dating is at the sole discretion of management and subject to availability and black out dates, and there is no guarantee that the patron will get a seat location comparable to her original location. Past-dating is also usually not available during holiday weeks or the final week of a production’s engagement. For a hit show, past-dating may not be possible until several years into the show’s run.”

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