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Rocky the Musical has made it to Broadway at the Winter Garden Theatre in 2014. The iconic movie series turned Broadway musical is poised to be a huge hit, and the set design is nothing short of extraordinary. Below you will find detailed Rocky the Musical Seating Chart information including best and worst seats, Golden Circle Seating, and how to find the cheapest tickets for Rocky the Musical.

Rocky the Musical Seating Chart

Rocky the Musical Seating Chart

Golden Circle Seating for Rocky the Musical

Perhaps the most unique seats for any Broadway show are the Golden Circle seats at Rocky the Musical. These seats are located in rows A-F in the center orchestra, and give ticket holders a chance to be apart of the action. Right before the final fight, the staff instructs you to leave your seat and move onto the stage to sit on bleachers.

Row A is the first to enter the bleachers and sit in the top bleacher row, with row F being last and those ticket holders sit in the front bleacher row. Row F in Orchestra Center would be considered the best seats for Rocky on Broadway if you are interested in being on stage.

golden circle Rocky the Musical

The boxing ring is moved up onto the vacated seats for duration of the fight (up to row E). The audience in the first 4-5 rows in the side orchestra sections stand and cheer next to the ring, along with the bleacher crowd on the stage.

When sitting in the Golden Circle seats, coat check is a must (and free), unless you plan on wearing your jacket on the stage. If any belongings are left in the seats, they will remain there until the next day, since they are under the stage.

Orchestra Seating at Rocky the Musical

If you are looking at tickets in the Center Orchestra or Center Mezzanine sections, the seat numbers are not nearly as important as if you looking at the Side Orchestra sections. Unfortunately the box office doesn’t label their tickets with great detail. They either say Center Orchestra or Orchestra. This can sometimes be misleading. If you buy tickets that say “Orchestra,” that means they will be on the side. If you only want to be in the center, make sure you are only looking at tickets that are labelled Center Orchestra!

Therefore, as a rule of thumb if you are buying tickets on the side sections, I only recommend buying tickets where the seller discloses the seat numbers. While tickets that don’t include notes or seat numbers will often be listed for less money, I suggest that you assume that those seats are the least favorable seats in the row (if you are fine with the price and location, buy them ASAP). You can also always contact us our support team at 845-538-4567 if you would like any additional details for a specific listing.

Mezzanine Seating at Rocky the Musical

The Mezzanine level at the Winter Garden Theatre is up two flights of stairs from the orchestra level (34 steps). There are approximately two steps down per row. The mezzanine section is on the smaller side comparative to other Broadway theatres, so even the ‘nosebleed’ seats are close to the performers for consistent acoustics and good sight lines. The only concern is when looking at seats in the corner mezzanine sections is that they may be obstructed, but the good news is they will listed as such on TickPick.

The Cheapest Rocky Broadway Tickets

If you’re looking for the cheapest Rocky the Musical Tickets, you can check out this blog on rush tickets, which offers advice on how to get rush tickets as well as lottery tickets for Book of Mormon. Although written specifically for BOM, the information applies to getting Rush tickets for Rocky the Musical and other Broadway shows in NY as well.

Best Place to Buy Rocky the Musical Tickets?

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Winter Garden Theatre Overview

If you have any questions or concerns at all, feel free to comment below and we’ll be sure to reply back promptly. You can also contact us directly at 845-538-4567, and one of our seating specialist would be happy to assist you.

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